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Thursday, 28 July 2016

What is your next 'WOW'?

What is your next Wow?
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When was the last time you had that feeling of 'wow'? An eruption of wowness from within? You may think really wows and wowing is for those people who just can't control themselves... Well a decent WOW and a woop can lift a person to heady heights of joy.

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So why do I write this? I had a bit of a moment the other day while I was quietly watching the world on their mobile phones. Where I live there is a beautiful pier and on the pier there has been numerous people strolling along glued to their mobile phones. People were walking along silently staring at screens as though searching for something. They would all gather in groups and not talk to each other and stare at the screen, as if waiting for something to happen. Then when that something did happen they smiled for a small moment and then strolled back down the pier with eyes fixed on their mobile screens. They then appeared to be searching for something else. It was quite a bemusing spectacle really. I wondered whether it was a one off incident so went down a number of days in a row. The same thing happened: clusters of people staring at their mobile screen. They arrived at a certain point, smiled and went on 'hunting'.
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So how does this relate to the WOW? Well there was a quiet moment and a group of young chaps came along, all hunting - they were probably around 12 or 13. They all arrived at the same area and stared at their screen. Something happened and one shouted 'Wow!' He got so excited that he started to jump up and down. He literally couldn't contain himself. He had found something and it made him leap in the air. The other three chaps looked at him as if he was uncool. However, this rebellious little 'wower!' Just kept being excited. 'That was the coolest one yet!' he cried with a little dance. The cool kids began to chuckle and shake their heads. Guess what happened? They all started to 'wow' and laugh.
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The group noticed me watching and smiling and calmed their wowing.
'It is fantastic to see a public display of wow! So what are you wowing about? There have been loads of people strolling along staring at phones and then stopping, smiling and turning around.'
The group glanced at each other as if to consider 'stranger danger'. Finally the lead wower came over and showed me his phone. It turned out they were on a 'treasure hunt' for some creature from a game on their phone. When they found the creature it exploded. There were different kinds of creature explosions and this particular one had created an almighty WOW opportunity.

Anyway the group shuffled and I asked the lead wower, 'do you wow often?' He looked at me curiously. 'I come down here a lot and you did a blooming good wow! You showed your excitement and got others involved in your wow!' It was fantastic to watch.'
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He shrugged and glanced at the others.
'He always gets excited and wows,' said one of the other guys.
'Some people think he is weird.'
'Because he is always so happy and excited.'
'Isn't that a good thing?'
The group shuffled, 's'pose so.'

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I studied the group and decided to say something rather deep to teenagers. 'If the world did not have anyone who wowed then what would happen?'
'There would be no wowing.'
'Did you notice that a decent wow created joy and you all laughed?'
The group nodded.
'If you can find something to 'wow' about every day then you really can live a good life. The bigger the wow the better I say.'
I turned to the lead wower, 'Thank you so much for that WOW! I needed to be reminded to find my wow in each day!'

With that in mind, what is you next WOW? Will you allow yourself to WOW wholeheartedly? What is the limit to your wow? When is the best time to super wow!

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Sunday, 17 July 2016



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Imagine being locked out of your house and in an attempt to get in you end up jammed in your toilet window with your legs dangling outside.  Now imagine the fire brigade being called to extract you from that precarious situation. Well this is what happened to a colleague of mine. What made it worse was she was carrying weight which resulted in her being well and truly squished. As a solution the firemen extracted the whole window rather than coat her in goose fat. The poor woman ended up bruised around her middle not to mention the emotional bruising from feeling so humiliated. What made it worse was this whole fire team were hot. So there she was with dangling legs, a skirt and huge knickers. It is at times like that I wonder whether the universe is having a bit of a joke or clearly demonstrating the feeling of being completely stuck.

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The thing is this lady realised that not only had she been stuck in her toilet window she also felt stuck in life. It was then she realised she had to do something. She had not realised how unhappy she was until she was jammed peering precariously down her toilet for a couple of hours until the firemen arrived. It was as if she was experiencing her inner stuckness externally. She then decided she needed to find a solution to stuckness. A series of events resulted in her taking a breathing workshop. The breathing was called Somatic Resonance Integration breathing. This style of breathing makes you relax into your body and find areas that feel stuck. You then focus on that area and breath into it. When the whole area is expanded you then say aloud that you feel stuck. 'I feel stuck.' Simple eh? Well the physical response that comes from this is astounding. Some people growl others scream and others simply shake... Then once you have done that you repeat the breath which is mouth mouth breathing until the area is filled again and repeat 'I feel stuck,' you do this until the area is cleared. You may wonder how this affects your life. Well often we feel stuck externally and this is represented within us internally. So when we enter our internal world and remove the areas of stuckness and allow the energy to flow then we shift our perceptions and that shift changes our external experience.

So why do I write this? Well I am a little stuck at the moment with one of the books I am writing. I have about five thousand words to go and it is quite a difficult part to write. It involves writing about shadows and darkness. In all truth I would rather not go there. So maybe that is why I am writing this blog - another little procrastination! My house is also suggesting that it needs to be cleaned too! Ha. Writer's block / stuckness is such an interesting thing. It is like a mental constipation where only when you relax and don't force then it can flow. The thing is I put a deadline on the completion of this book and I have realised for me that creativity can't be controlled. It is like trying to catch a chicken. The more I try and chase the blooming idea chickens the more the creative creature slips my grasp. So using my paddleboard method - I have chosen to relax into it and 'sit and give it a try...' There are no demands, there are no controls I simply shift my mind into enjoying the process rather than racing along. One paddle at a time, or in writing- one sentence at a time... That is the only way I can succeed.

For those who are now interested in the SRI breathing, this is part of a Chiropratic method called Network Spinal Analysis. It is something that I used to clear and calm my nervous system. It is also something that enabled me to cope with a very stressful job and enabled me to remain focused. Anyway, after reminding myself of the SRI stuckness exercise, I am now back into writing free-flow and will be completing my new book. If you feel stuck it might be worth giving the breathing technique a try and see what happens!

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"Intriguing with a WONDERFULLY twist at the end"
This is the 2nd story by this author I have read and I love it. Will eagerly seek more by her. The story was captivating, mystical magical and entertaining. The parental
Bed time stories and deceptions of the various monsters and creatures of fantasy keep you guessing as to what it is. The reveal is more magical for the build up and Even more amazing than described. Loved it and highly recommend it for kids and adults alike. Good luck figuring it out. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review

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Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Importance of Word Of Mouth

The Importance of Word Of Mouth

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Do you have aspirations of being the next J.K Rowling or the next Tolkien? Admittedly I don't have such aspirations. I was simply happy writing my books, keeping myself entertained and entering into a beautiful mental landscape which was completely different to my usual world of Business Analysis. I was happy when I made one sale let alone a thousand. The challenge with having a mind that needs to figure things out and spends time working out common trends and patterns is that you apply that to all activities. Once an analyst, always an analyst. So this is why I share my findings with my lovely blog readers.
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So when I first started releasing books I would put them on Kindle and assumed that magically readers would find them. I might sell ten books this way but nothing big ever happened. I realised that this attitude was not going to result in great sales. So my next books I did a desk launch. This was before publishing policies were implemented into the corporation I worked for. So I launched my book on Kindle and released the paperback from the desk and did desk signings. It actually was nuts because people lined up to buy books and I signed when I should have been working. I had no idea how I got away with it. I sold a stack of books this way but that did not spiral into world literary domination. It did result in me being accosted in the toilet and being asked if I was 'that author...' After that I came to the conclusion launching at work was not the best plan, so I adopted a pseudo-name and decided that the more book formats the better. I then branched in audio through having my books produced through ACX. This also increased sales but I was missing a key piece of the jigsaw puzzle - reviews.
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Reviews are so powerful. I have written about this in some of my other blogs. Reviews from readers sell to other readers. The best thing to learn is not to take reviews personally - that is the challenge. However, a review has the ability to make or break a book sale. The more reviews the better because it makes the rubbish ones drop down the list. Remember you can't remove a review once it is posted. On one of my audio books some of the reviewers did not like the narrator and slated them. Those comments ground sales of that book to a halt. That was the learning. As I mentioned before, I don't rely on book sales for my income. Instead the additional income is used to over-pay my mortgage, saved or pays for a nice spa day. That is all part of my 'rewards' system as a motivator.
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You may wonder how you get reviews. If you look at the Indie review book list, there are a list of reviewers you can approach. I also now advise people who have reviewed my other books when a book is due. Since most have enjoyed reviewing my other work, I now have a 'list' of reviewers who review most of my books once released.
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So how does the word of mouth work? Well, every time I send a reviewer a free audio code I ask them to recommend the book, in whatever way they think will reach the most readers. That is - if they like the book. This word of mouth generates sales. Then that word of mouth generates more sales. Sometimes this momentum continues. At other times it just stops. Although this time I have noticed the shift in sales and momentum. Last month I released The Hairy-legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. These were fun books for kids. My colleagues at work asked me to write them for their kids because the school holidays were nigh. So I put finger to keyboard and entertained myself. Within a few weeks these books were drafted, edited, proofread and published. They were short, fun and easy to write. I then posted on ACX. Two producers snapped them up and produced them within a week. I then asked reviewers to get involved and I had sixty reviewers offer review.  It is during this period that you get scared. What if none sell? Should you buy one just to start the sales? Honestly... I have considered doing that before. However, the reviews rolled in and the reviewers recommended the books as did my friends that I wrote the book for. That is how it spirals... One child tells another that they read The Hairy-legged Mystery and another becomes curious... What I realised is that by having these books on audio they work on car journeys as well as bed time stories. As we know children can listen to something over and over again. So much so that parents also hear the same recording over and over again. In no time The Hairy-Legged Mystery became 'normalised' and people talked about it. That then made more sales. So with all that in mind my top tips for word of mouth generation are as follows:
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  • Make a product you love and will happily stand by.
  • Let people know you are creating it / have created it.
  • Make as many formats possible - paperback,  digital and audio.
  • Ask reviewers to review.
  • Ask reviewers to recommend.
  • Give as many free codes / samples to friends and ask them to tell their friends.
  • Finally find as many ways to let people know your book exists.
The truth is word of mouth is the best seller and creates a bestseller. No matter how much hype you make, if the product is of bad quality then there is only a short duration of sales. Provide quality, be authentic, relax into it and enjoy the sales!

"Intriguing with a WONDERFULLY twist at the end"
This is the 2nd story by this author I have read and I love it. Will eagerly seek more by her. The story was captivating, mystical magical and entertaining. The parental
Bed time stories and deceptions of the various monsters and creatures of fantasy keep you guessing as to what it
Is. The reveal is more magical for the build up and Even more amazing than described. Loved it and highly recommend it for kids and adults alike. Good luck figuring it out. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review

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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Three Five Star Reviews for The Hairy-Legged Mystery...

Three Five Star Reviews for The Hairy-Legged Mystery...

Since this is my final day of promoting both The Hairy-Legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs... I decided to post the most wonderful reviews I have received yet. It generally makes me happy to think that the books have provided so much pleasure. You realise it is not about you - it is about the fact that people are uplifted, entertained and provided with opportunity for enjoyment. I am sooooo grateful that people take the time to read my creations and then spend a little extra time posting the review. So I just want to say thank you to all those who have already read The Hairy-Legged Mystery and those who have taken the time to feed back. I am now working on the next amusing children's book creation so will let The Hairy-Legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle make their own way in the world. My favourite reviews are below... Thank you....
  • Teresa 07-09-16
    Teresa 07-09-16   
    "A Delightfully Cute Story, Loved it"
    This cute children's story has everything going for it. It was such a delight. It brought the inner child out in me and I found myself giggling. I can't wait till my youngest two grandchildren get to listen to it. This isn't scary at all and in fact I think the ending is adorable.

    Ruby Allure is a wonderful storyteller. I'd recommend this audiobook all day to not only the kiddos but young at heart adults too.

    Lisa Hicks did an awesome job reading this book. She has a great voice for children's stories with perfect voice inflections. Her voice is attention holding and she too is a natural storyteller. I love the way she says Oop Oop and her voice for the Bouffant Banshee. Completely entertaining.

    “This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom.”
    Tiasdolls 07-06-16
    Tiasdolls 07-06-16 Member Since 2015
    I love books...I love storytelling. Audiobooks allow me to enjoy a great story while still being able to do my daily routine. Thanks Audible

    "Beautifully Performed Tale"
    Where does The Hairy Legged Mystery rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?
    Top 10. Ms. Hicks was marvelous! I was mesmerized from the opening sentence to the last sentence.

    Who was your favorite character and why?
    The children were wonderful. Ms. Allure weaves a wonderful tale that captures the imagination of both young and old. Paired with Ms. Hicks performance made this audiobook a perfect 10.

    Which scene was your favorite?
    I loved storytime/bedtime with the children and their parents.

    Any additional comments?
    I received a copy via audiobook boom in exchange for an unbiased review.
  • "Intriguing with a WONDERFULLY twist at the end"
    This is the 2nd story by this author I have read and I love it. Will eagerly seek more by her. The story was captivating, mystical magical and entertaining. The parental
    Bed time stories and deceptions of the various monsters and creatures of fantasy keep you guessing as to what it
    Is. The reveal is more magical for the build up and Even more amazing than described. Loved it and highly recommend it for kids and adults alike. Good luck figuring it out. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review

Do You Know When To Stop?

Do You Know When To Stop?

After jumping out on a colleague from behind an office column and shouting stop, it occurred to me not everyone knows when to stop. That particular colleague just had to be approached about his cucumbers. Cucumbers? Yes! He has been sneaking around the office wielding organic cucumbers and depositing them on unsuspecting colleagues’ desks. I caught him the other morning in the very act of cucumber delivery. Something about it rang alarm bells. Since I run a social media team for a large corporation, I considered how best I could utilise the covert cucumber mission to best effect. So in the Social Media meeting today, we came up with all manner of cucumber anecdotes and titles for the blog including the Cucumber Surprise, Covert Cucumbers, Corporate Cucumbers and how to make your cucumber grow by speaking to it (the last one was a considered a little too rude to corporately publish - booo!!!). To accompany the article we decided to get the official photographer to photograph cucumbers with ‘googly’ doll eyes so we could maintain surprise cucumber expressions around the office. Of course we do very corporate articles too; however, I am having two weeks off work from Friday to focus on finishing my current book and felt the need for a little mischief prior to having a holiday. That way any repercussions would have been complete by the time I leave.

Image result for cucumber
The cucumber interview questions included

‘How did you discover your cucumber love?’

‘Do you talk to your cucumber to make it grow?’

‘What attracted you to cucumbers?’

‘If you were a cucumber what advice would you give?’

‘Of all the cucumbers you have grown, has one particular cucumber jumped out at you?’

The thing is the blog has to be approved, so we will see what happens. 

So back to my original question – do you know when to stop? This covers many topics? Exercise, food, health and book promotion.

In terms of exercise where do you have to reach to stop? Today I crossed a paddleboard threshold: a line of yellow buoys mark my limits. I usually stay within them but today I was blown beyond them. Once I had experienced ‘unchartered’ paddle territory, I turned the board and paddled in. I realised I had gone beyond my limit and had to stop and turn around. That made me question when is the point when we know when to stop. So how ill do you have to become before you actually stop and rest? I watch so many people at work descend into complete flu and infect the whole office before they take the day off. Their martyrdom should have stopped and saved others from the infection.
Image result for can't stop eating

What about food? If you were in front of a buffet when do you decide when to stop? Do you have to feel ill? I worked on cruise ships for years and watched gluttonous buffet bonanzas. People kept eating and eating and certainly did not know when to stop! The attitude was: I have paid for it and I want to get my money’s worth.
Image result for buffet

Finally, I have noticed that when it comes to product promotion and book promotion, there is a finite time that things can be rammed down an audience’s throat before the audience become blasé, bored or ignore a repetitious. So the question for me is when do you stop? Tonight is my final night of promoting The Hairy-Legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. The way I see it is you can do as much as you can to let the world know and then those little literary lovelies have to fend for themselves. It is a case of freeing the pigeon and letting it navigate its way home. In this case I released two fun children’s stories into the world, let the world know and now it is time to stop, move on and allow them to find their readers. Nice eh? It is great to know when it is time to stop and start new.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes

The Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes

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When any form of financial crisis develops you recognise the importance of establishing multiple incomes. The reason I mention this is the uncertainty that has come from the whole Brexit situation. I have noticed a general consensus of un-ease and people curbing their spending in the environment I work within. Hang on... Work? You're an author aren't you? Well I am and I freely admit that I don't just work as an author. I also work in a large corporation in the capacity of business analyst, social media team leader and a project leader. In fact, whatever the corporation can do to use the skills available then it will. In addition, I worked as a photographer for eighteen years and submitted work to photo-banks and finally I worked as a creative writing lecturer for evening classes. You may wonder why on earth I did all of that. Well I have always been a firm believer in being able to support yourself. There will always be crisis, financial ups and downs and times when you want to sit back and enjoy. Yes there is more to life than money; however, money enables you the freedom to enjoy ]'the more to life.'
Image result for Financial ups and downs
After watching the markets this week, I wondered about people and their incomes and their spends. So many people put their money on credit cards in the hope of better times. The way I see it is the best time is now. Times do change; however, facing your finances, modulating your income and being inventive in establishing multiple ways to generate income can become a pleasure. I know people that have foreign students who study English stay in their house. Others allow people to stay in their spare rooms or park on their drives. There are so many ways to generate incomes yet so many individuals become fixed in their financial beliefs and consider only one option. Consider how money can be made on Ebay, it can be made by writing, not just books but articles. Art works, web designs even speaking can all generate incomes and those incomes can be funnelled into paying off mortgages, generating rainy day fund and paying off debt. There are so many ways to make money, it is just a case of putting your mind to it.
Image result for Financial security

I know this is obvious, yet when I speak to people about multiple incomes they say that I am lucky. No it is not luck, it is a decision. You make a decisive decision to determine additional ways to make income and action it. Consider how many hours people sit inanely in front of the television. One of those evenings could be spent generating extra income. That little bit of extra money generated over ten years makes for a sizeable sum.
Image result for Decision

Over the years I have read plenty of books on the money making subject such as The Rules of Wealth, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Automatic Millionaire, The Four Hour Working Week and Think and Grow Rich - to name but a few. The thing is one can make learning how to make money a hobby and the by-product is moving towards financial freedom. There aren't many hobbies that enable that are there?
Image result for hobby money

So my Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes are:

  1. Being able to have money to play with, for rainy days and general reserves.
  2. Being able to pay off debt quicker and save quicker.
  3. Not relying on one income when the job market is unstable.
  4. Learning that money making can be fun, learning adaptable skills and money making skills.
  5. Money dictates your tolerance level and reliance on a job. When you have multiple incomes if something annoys you then you have the power to say 'stuff it'.

5 of 5 stars A brilliant, well-written, compelling read. 11 Jun. 2016
By LMS#YOM - Published on
This is a fascinating and powerful book that delves into the workings of financial institutions perfectly. After a lot of soul searching and personal debate the main character, Gillian, joins M.O.N.E.Y but then she quickly realises what a cult-like existence it is. Gillian bears witness to the extreme pressure to fit in and become part of the clique, but does she really want to conform? The challenges and demands put upon the ‘chosen’ ones to constantly improve and achieve their optimum is intense. The deceptive tactics used are all a part of M.O.N.E.Y’s control, but then comes the devastating feeling of being owned. Is it all too much for Gillian? Will she survive M.O.N.E.Y? A brilliant, well-written, compelling read.

Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Bit More About Reviews

A Bit More About Reviews

Do you like to share your journey with others? I do because I know there are other writers and authors who are just starting out on a similar journey and I feel that by sharing the highs and lows of writing, I can somehow help and support them. On one of my previous posts I talked about reviews. Since then I have been asked a few questions about the process and how to deal with reviews.

Image result for book reviews

During the writing to publishing process it is necessary to get reviews. It is an interesting phenomenon that many people base their buying decisions on the opinions of others. I look at it as a tribal mentality. People feel safer when other people offer opinions. There must be some deep-rooted psychological reasons for that.
Image result for book reviews

So this week my books went out for review. This means that random people, who I have never met, listen to the audio versions of these books and post their opinions. When I first took part in this process I found it horrifying. When I say horrifying there were times I wanted to re-write a whole book based on the feedback. Over time I hardened up and realised that reviews were opinions based on people lives and where they were 'at' when they were writing the review. I doubt anyone would write a nice review after stubbing a toe or having a stressful day at work. The way that I dealt with it: I decided that I loved writing the books and releasing them. The reviews were simply part of a promotional process. If they were good then great, if they were absolutely hideous then I would go and do something nice like paddle-boarding  to reward myself for being able to accept 'criticism.'

Image result for mc escher

The thing is all authors are vulnerable because they open their hearts and souls to the world. They are being intellectually intimate with strangers. I actually wonder whether readers are aware of how they literally step into another person's inner world and what a privilege that is. Of course on the other side of the coin is being able to allow people access into your inner world.
Image result for mc escher

The thing is reviews provide approval, disapproval and are part of the process. I have listed the three that I have received this week for Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. Guess which one was the one that caught my attention. Which one would capture your attention? It is funny isn't it?

Image result for mc escher

Mary Karowski 06-30-16

Great story. The author hit it on the nose. Great tale to keep kids out of mischief. I don't know if the book itself is illustrated but if it
Is I can just imagine the wonderful done scenes of the story. Well written well narrated. Straight to the pint and great for kids of all ages. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review
Tanya M. Spiegel Miami, Florida07-01-16

"Just ok"
I wanted to give this a great review. However, it did not hold either of my children's attention. The story also ended very abruptly. I wish the writer had given a little more at the end. It is rather a frightening book from my perspective as a mother being that the mischief makers in the end leave Tinkle crying and bound up. I care for foster children that didn't sit well with me at all. I received this book for free for an honest review. I liked the fact the author was heading for a good ending it was the abruptness of the ending and how it ended I struggled with.
Susan L. Daniels 06-17-16   

"Nice book for my grandchildren"
Where does Tingle Dingle and the Little Mischiefs rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?
I haven't listened to very many but I loved the way the narrator added sound effects. Even though this is a childrens' book I thorough enjoyed listening to it.

What did you like best about this story?
The sound effects

What about Triera Holley’s performance did you like?
Her voice is soothing and clear.

For all those new writers that are entering the world of publishing, find your own way to work with the reviews. Some other author friends of mine simply don't bother looking. They said they created the work and put it into the world. That work then has to fend for itself...

Personally I now use the reviews to find ways to grow and improve. I like honest feedback and in truth I desire to provide my readers with the best books I can. That is easier if I listen to feedback, process it and then intend to create something more wonderful with the next piece of work.