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Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Feeling Proud? Self-celebration, the Bottomy Dance and its Benefits!

Let me guess the 'Bottomy Dance' in the title made you curious... Smirk! Okay this is not going to be a monumental post of great epiphany. Instead, it is a simple suggestion for self-celebration. The thing is - how often do you stop and allow yourself to feel proud of yourself? How often do you allow yourself to let go and do a random bottomy dance that involves a lot of posterial shaking to celebrate all the hard work and hours you have put into something that means a lot to you? Let me guess - not enough?

This is it - when we work hard then how do we actually reward ourselves? So many of my friends work and work. They reach their goals and do not pause and take in their achievements; instead, they simply construct the next goal and start working towards that. Where is the motivation to succeed? With that attitude there is an endless treadmill of work, goal achievement and then more work. The way I see it is that life is more than work. So surely the pleasure is in the celebration. When you achieve something that is great for you then why not pause, feel proud, shake your behind and enjoy that moment?

I have noticed the world is in a state of continued rush. It grows faster and more complex day on day. In this state of rush we do not take time to 'sniff the roses'. Life, in my opinion, should not be a conveyor belt of achievement but contribution, celebration and shared moments of joy. So with this in mind I am feeling proud. Money Farm on audio is selling, I have just completed the audio edit for the production of CLAN DESTINE and The Office Zoo is in the pipeline to hit the audio market. I have to say Ray, the producer has a voice which will have you in stitches. Already people have contacted me to say they have discovered Office Stinkers and Office Freaky but definitely Geeky! Love it!

So today is that day of celebration where the bottom dance has been shimmied around the writing room and resulted in a few Jazz hand motions too! Some people may view such self-celebration as madness. Well if madness comes in the form or joy and misery is demonstrated by contained lack of self-appreciation and continued effort with no reward then the bottomy dance will win every time!

So how do you celebrate? I would love to hear how people reward themselves.


Sunday, 19 July 2015

Money and Your Value as a Human Being...

What inanimate object can determine your life decisions, your attitude to yourself and how you relate to others? What object can evoke, fear, worry and a sense of feeling controlled?



Answer: Money.

If you think about it most of our life's decisions are based on the Money concept. Can we do this or that because we have the money? Do we have a enough money to buy the house, the clothes, pay the bills or the buy the car? The unfortunate truth is the money concept carries a value and that value merges with your 'self.' Money correlates to freedom and experience. Consider this - what if money were shells. Would you care how many shells were sitting in a pile? Would you work yourself to the extreme to accumulate a shell? Would you desperately need to show off your shells to others? When you shift the object of value then you realise how ridiculous the illusion is that we have been persuaded with. Yes money makes the world go round but that is because we believe that is so.

With the above in mind: If money is how you value yourself then how can you value yourself more without money as the gauge? How can you demonstrate your true value to yourself? What makes you feel rich inside? Well these are some questions that have crossed my mind since writing Money Farm and having it turned into an audio book by the brilliant Helen Lloyd. The thing that I have realised is that so many people often feel that their  intrinsic value is directly proportionate to how much money is sitting in their bank account. Those that are in debt often experience a sense of financial shame. They feel worthless because they are stuck in financial ruts that they can see no way out of. When I was researching the debt figures related to Money Farm I heard the expression 'Nillionaire' - someone who has little or no money. That expression, albeit amusing, made me think of how many Nillionaires there are in the world. Can you imagine someone saying that person over there is a Nillionaire? How many would be proud of that title instead the tar of shame would be coated upon them.

Whilst writing Money Farm I looked at other systems of exchange and it dawned on me, in times gone past, when we had to eat we went out to hunt. We caught food and ate it - we cut out the 'money' as a middle man. When we needed other forms of food we traded. Values were applied to grain, cloth and other goods. I wondered how the world would exist without actual money and looked at alternative spheres of exchange and how values were applied. It was all so fascinating yet the truth is culture and civilisation need an exchange mechanism. We can't all take to the forests and hunt or forage. The truth is we need that exchange concept, although that exchange mechanism does not need to be intrinsic to the person. Money is not the extension of self, instead, it is simply a tool that can be invested, accumulated or spent. Once emotion and attachment is removed from the financial equation then there is a sense of liberation. Once you stop being your money and your money stops being you then that is where the fun begins. I am not saying stop earning money, what I am saying is that you are more than your money. You are a phenomenal person existing in time and space. I am sure that if you asked your soul what you were worth then it would not determine it in terms of money.

With that in mind, I will ask the question: how you can you value yourself without having money as a device for your self value? How can you demonstrate your own vast value to yourself without applying the concept of money? Finally how can you feel rich inside so that is shines into the world?

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Money and its Power

Money really is a curious entity in itself. We spend our lives earning money to enable us to do things and have things. To do this we exchange the hours of our life, quite often doing things that we don’t love, to do what we do love. My other favourite is that we exchange our time to have things to make us feel good yet often feel guilty for spending money on a luxury. Consider this – we earn money to buy a house so we can go to work to earn money to pay for the house. We work to pay for a holiday to rest from the work we do to enable us to pay for that holiday. I know… In the next few weeks I intend to write a series of blogs that explore the money concepts and hopefully shift some perspectives.

You may wonder where this has come from – well since Money Farm was released on audio last week, I have received a few ‘testing’ questions on money, belief systems and persuasion. With this in mind, maybe it is time I ‘blogaciously’ explored money as a symbol in hope to inspire and provide thought-provoking questions. In the meantime – is there anything you would like me to consider in the next Money-centric blogs? A couple of the themes I have been asked to look at is money and emotion, attachment to money and money beliefs.