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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Writing for Healing

Writing For Healing


This week I have taken the week off because quite frankly it was time for a holiday. What’s more, I completed The Ocean Callings edits on audio and one needs to celebrate with a little time away. So how does this relate to writing and healing then? Well when I complete work I take time off and I make sure that I make space for healing and personal writing. One has to make the space to re-consider, re-evaluate and re-direct. It is so easy to be busy all the time jumping from one goal to the next. Yet there is time for relaxation and there is time for action. These are all necessary parts of growth. What’s more, there is time for progression and time for reflection. I feel it is necessary to take the time to notice how you have progressed and learn from what you have achieved. Is there a better way? What worked? What wouldn’t you do again? This applies to life too and that is why a journal is a powerful tool. Do you have a journal? Do you ever ask yourself how you really feel or what you really want? Do you ever consider how you have done? What in your life works? What can you do to increase what works? Or are you spending your time dwelling on what life is lacking or on the shyte? I have mentioned before, in a couple of my books, if you shine your torch on a turd then that is what you will see fully illuminated. I look at the mind as a light house and where you rotate that light beam is what becomes illuminated. Where would you choose to focus a spotlight in your life if you had the choice? Which parts of your life would you want the world to see and which other parts would you prefer remained private? Now, that is why one can use writing for healing. You can purge yourself of what you really think, what you dislike and what you love. How else do you find out what is going on in the unconscious when the conscious mind is full of mental tittle tattle?

Anyway today is the day where I would like to share with you three prompts that may or may not catalyse healing. This is up to you to do and the results can only come from you. The prompts are just suggestions and you can tailor them to the areas of your life you would like to work on. In my opinion it is only when you write something out then you learn what is really going on in the churning mental background.


·         I feel that I have achieved…. And this is what worked… And this is how I would do it differently.

·         The thing I would most like to change… With all resources were available to me then this is how I would go about it…

·         The strongest feeling I experience is…. And I would like to…

I hope this inspires you…

If you have any prompts that work for you or may work for others then please share in the comments below…
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

That feeling...


That feeling...

Oh there is such a sense of euphoria when you complete the editing of an audiobook. Honestly I can't tell you how amazing it is when you have worked with a wonderful producer for months and finally finish over 100,000 words in voice. We worked week by week and chapter by chapter on the audio version of The Ocean Callings.

The Ocean Callings, a teen book about love, the heart and the people of the sea. I have to say I have really loved working on the audio creation. This particular book is very close to my heart because this was my very first book that I drafted over 12 years ago. It emerged into life after having one of those monumental days that change everything. That evening I was walking home from university and a young person was run over on a bike and died. The shock of what happened made me re-evaluate my life and forced me to ask questions about what I wanted to do and what I wanted to be. I reflected on my childhood and of course I wanted to be a mermaid (as you do). That evening, whilst still in a state of shock, I researched mermaid sightings around Britain. Since it was unusual to lock myself in a room, my housemate, who was also a student, asked me what I was up to. I said I was looking up mermaid sightings in Scotland... Yes how normal does that sound? Well it just so happened that her aunty owned a cottage at one of the locations where there had been sightings. That was it... two weeks later we were in Scotland interviewing people about the mermaid sightings and the stories of women who swam out to save pirates from ship wrecks. It was an amazing experience and was the beginning of my authorial career. With that in mind, today is quite monumental because it was in January in 2004 that the writing adventure began... And today is the finalisation of a sequence of events that began on a very dark evening when a person re-evaluated their life because of a death.

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It is fascinating how one can transform the bad into good with the right intention. The Ocean Callings will be released at the end of February on Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Why Hide Your Light When You Can Be Radiant?

Why Hide Your Light When You Can Be Radiant?

Are you allowing yourself to be the best that you can be? Or are you hiding your true magnificence through fear of upsetting others? I have noticed a common theme among many of the 'relatively' successful people that I have worked with recently. It seems they are under-selling themselves or now quite allowing themselves to fully radiate their true greatness. Why? When you become truly radiant you are noticed. When you are noticed people pay attention to you. I then noticed the discussions taking place when one person achieved great success. Lines such as 'they have their nose up so and so's arse.'
'They know how to talk and get others to do it for them.' Or the worst for me was 'well they had it easy.' How did they know that. Did they sit behind the scenes observing how easy it was for them? Isn't it a shame that when someone works really hard and gets reward that people would belittle them rather than celebrate them?
Two of my good friends were promoted this week and I went and found them and made them do a 'bottom-y celebratory dance. Yes I did! Why? Well when people work so hard to succeed they deserve to celebrate and be celebrated. Yet quite often other people get jealous and bring them down. Yet when 'the back-stabbers' are successful they expect others to give a shit. This got me thinking about success and how so many people under-sell themselves or stop achieving their true glory because they don't want to upset other people.  What is worse are the dream breakers. Those who have an opinion or make a snide comment about an idea or dream are ridiculous. I am sure some of you are shaking your heads saying I would never do that... Well think about it - there are so many people lined up to tell you why you can't or why you shouldn't. These people's verbal poison may stopped you completely committing yourself to 110% because you would be concerned how you were viewed. Or you really wanted to do something but were concerned others would criticise you. If this does not apply to you then you are lucky. Really lucky... because so many people hold themselves back through fear of isolation. So many people view rich people as lonely and others fear the haters. The thing is the truth is whatever is said about you is no reflection of you; instead, it is about the person who said it. So where is this going? Well what if you did step into your true potential and share your wonderful gifts with the world? What would happen if everyone stepped up and inspired rather than criticised. What if we celebrated true success without belittling... Wouldn't that set an example? Would that motivate more people to do good in the world?
This week I was in a yoga class striking the warrior pose and I had one of those moments where a little voice says something so subtle yet so poignant.... 'Why wouldn't you allow yourself to reach your true potential? What is the benefit?' It is at times like these you think I should not be thinking. I should be focused on the yoga; however, it is at these precise moments that part of the universal jigsaw puzzle assembles in front of your eyes and reveals the way forward. One has to intend to be radiant and to radiate in a world that wants to steal your fire. One has to choose to become one's best and share their talents with the world without fear. One can choose to hide, but in truth when you stand at the edge of the void of life and death would you say well done - you hid your light when the world needed that light to illuminate others. Your light was part of the Universal Lumiere and you chose to suppress it. I know how I would feel. So with that in mind, I intend to be radiant in all I do and I genuinely hope that this will inspire you to be the same. The more light we bring to this world then the more the darkness becomes less fearful. In all the idea of an infectious luminescence fills me with joy and I hope it will do that for you too!

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Monday, 11 January 2016

Co-habiting versus No-habiting

Co-habiting versus No-habiting

Image result for domestic bliss

Okay I might have to admit it: my mum was right! Imagine admitting that. She was right about a lot of things; however, the one really big right was having your own home and own space is bliss. You may wonder where this has come from, well today I was having a discussion with some of the chaps at work who were discussing why women want men to move in so fast. I listened to their assumptions and then heard them say: ‘well they like you being there. They love feeling safe and things get fixed.’ One of the men who has been in a long term relationship said, ‘oh I am glad I moved in because it is so nice to have your washing done and not have to clean the toilet. If you hold out long enough then they will always clean the toilet because you will never do it quick enough or to their liking.’

I sat quietly taking it all in.  Of course I made a few remarks about the ‘jobs list and nagging. They all muttered ‘ahhh jobs lists…’ they all were on the end of that little ditty. My favourite moment was when one chap even admitted to hoovering up his partner’s bra so that he did not have to do the vacuuming anymore.  I would say that was innovative; I would have accidentally nailed his pants to his shed to see how he liked that, but that is just me.
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So then this made me wonder why people move in together. The general consensus among the chaps was that it was more cost efficient, that you share bills and be with each other without having to date. At that moment a huge ‘nah ahhhh’ came from my mouth. For these men moving in is the end of dating. The romance period and the woooooooing time simply evaporates.  So why would anyone want to move in fast? Surely the best part of dating is being on dates, getting to know each other rather than cleaning their dirty pants or skid marks. Also everything in our society is so fast paced, you have instant apps for instant relationships which result in instantly moving in. There is no time for the enjoyment or real maturing time for the foundation of a proper relationship. For a short while I resembled sucking a lemon while I contemplated the co-habiting no-habiting dynamic because a few of my friends have recently rid themselves of chaps for the very reason that their men did not contribute to house work or took the house being clean for granted. At first their partners were on good behaviour but over time their effort dissipated leaving the women frustrated. My female friends said why, when they work full time, should they take care of someone else who made no effort? They could re-focus their energy into looking after themselves.  It was a good point.

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I recently met up with a wonderful friend who loves her partner dearly and was concerned because she thought she was about to have her third child and had to explain to her partner that if she had a third child she would need a cleaner or some kind of domestic help.

‘Why do you need that when the house is always clean and tidy?’ he asked.

Her response: ‘darling it is because I always fucking tidy it and look after the kids all day. It isn’t the fucking cleaning fairies darling’, said in a tone resembling aggravation.
He seemed completely unaware that his washing found itself into the drawer and the sheets were cleaned and changed because she had done the washing. I remember sitting listening to all these conversations and thinking thank goodness I have my own place, my own space and my own way.
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I then chatted to a couple of my other male colleagues who did not get terribly involved in the original conversation, they admitted they liked doing the cooking and took turns cleaning the toilets because their wives worked too. They had decided when they entered the partnership that they were a team and as a team they had to split the chores. I have to say when they said this I wanted to cuddle them both. They then said to me honestly – ‘stay living on your own as long as possible because it is bliss.’ Both had lived alone for a couple of years before they settled down.  I asked why that was. Their reply was the following: ‘you can do what you want when you want. You don’t have to deal with habits. You have no one to argue with. You have a whole bed to yourself. You don’t have to ‘do’ things or consider what someone else wants you to do. There are no lists. There is half the amount of washing and you can leave sheets and cleaning as long as you like. All the mess is yours and you can cook and eat what and when you fancy… Oh and the biggest one: no morning breath or snoring. I could see all the benefits. However, the grass is always greener on the other side. My response was well what about a cuddle when you feel like it? What about affection on the sofa. What if you are being nuts and need an objective opinion rather than just churn thoughts? What about waking up next to someone you love? What about having your dinner cooked for you? As with all things there are pluses and minuses. However, of late, all the relationships that I have known have broken up because the women have had enough of looking after their partner or their partners have cheated on them. They say they would rather be alone than have to look after someone who either looks elsewhere or does not contribute. This made me wonder about the future of co-habiting. If women develop complete financial independence then what will happen? What happens when there is no need to live with someone? This made me realise that for me no-habiting is the way forwards. Two people have their own places, their own spaces and enjoy the fun of dating and romance without a dirty toilet to generate conflict.
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In The Love Game, Eva and Gracie travel the journey of extreme love learning. On the way, they will discover their love and lust lists, their intrinsic issues, and experience some hilarious and jaw-dropping dates in pursuit of the wealthy ideal.
All of this in the pursuit of love.
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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Screw Being The Yes Person

Screw being the ‘Yes’ person

The world’s corporations rely on good yes people to put their heads down and graft for the good of the corporation. These hardworking individuals produce what the corporation needs to maintain itself within its select market place. All the while, the individual exchanges their time and skills for those lovely pieces of coloured paper that represent value and what saves us, as individuals, having to barter. The thing is I have been watching a slow and quiet rebellion taking place within these ‘imagined’ constructs. It seems that the big corporations are introducing more and more controls and more and more rules to the individuals. Strangely those higher up the food chain don’t seem to adhere to those same rules. The yes people abide by these rules through fear of losing their jobs and not being able to pay bills. You know what? It is weird when you think how much the workers essentially tolerate in exchange for money. If you wish to read more about this please have a read of Sapiens, a fantastic book.


So today was a fascinating day. I have said before that I work in two capacities. I run a wonderful team of Social Media creators and I also work as a strategist and business analyst. I love both roles because they appeal to both sides of my nature and brain. Yet, with all this in mind, today was a day of rebellion. The most recent tremors began with an article that I wrote on the top five New Year’s resolutions. The article listed the fact that people wanted to lose weight, save money, get in touch with people, stop smoking and drinking. The article was written and then sent for higher management approval. Over the ‘festive season’ it turns out a whole series of new social media rules were introduced. Many corporations are not allowed to mention Christmas because not all people celebrate Christmas.  Smoking or drinking were not allowed to be mentioned and nor was weight loss because it was not fair to penalise people for being fat or even slightly over weight. That was not what the article was about, it was about health and making positive resolutions. So from the original list, the only remaining approved item was getting in touch. In the meantime, the higher management felt that people should not be making resolutions because they did not keep them and that meant they were going to fail which reduced productivity. I was then asked to re-write the article and instead of talking about resolutions I was asked to focus on ways people could increase their productivity at work. Erm… no! It was quite an amusing moment because in addition to this, the social media group were told they could not use photos from their phones, from the internet or any imagery that had not been taken by an official photographer for the company. 


Are you sensing why there was rebellion brewing? Now, our Social media site was created with the following mission: create uplifting, inspiring and fun blog content that exceeds expectation and articles that the audience will love to read. That is precisely what we did for a whole year. It seems the blog’s success has caused its own problems because the blog team and I set about creating something special and unique within a very controlled and austere environment. The popularity of this blog went corporation wide because the articles were passionate, written with humour and were a little bit exciting – imagine! What’s more, the group were run on the theory of tribal leadership. This is when the group enter a room for discussion and all hierarchy disappears. We are all equal, we all take turns leading and we all choose our level of engagement. Our level from the outset was the highest level whereby we intended ‘to create something exemplary’ where others would be inspired to aspire to our unique way of communicating.  It worked so well that we had huge viewing figures and other lines of business emulated the way we approached things. The thing is with success often comes parasites. Those who noticed the success wanted their names on it. They then found ways in which to control the free-spirited creativity and that is what happened today. What I will say is that creativity needs space and freedom. Creativity is not forced otherwise it is like constipation: no matter how hard you push nothing comes out. It is only when you relax that you can deliver.

For the last year we have provided excellent communication and there have been numerous attempts at sabotage that caused the blogging team concern. We all did our best to jump the hurdles, united our minds and found new ways to progress. However, today was the last straw – no photos and being asked to write dull shit! So that was it… My lovely young team and I had a heart-felt discussion and came to the conclusion that it was time to say no. In doing so one of the quieter natured creators turned to the group and said ‘Screw being the yes man. There are times when a person has to say no and they are not going to do it anymore.’ I agreed and asked what they wanted to do with our allotted meetings if the blog ceased to exist. The answer was simple: have a meeting, discuss how the group progress their careers and use the time for group motivation and mentorship. So the crap was transformed into flowers.

You might well ask what has happened from the higher management point of view. They are still in the process of figuring out what happened and what to do. Of course the whole group have their main job roles and this Social Media group was what was known, according to corporate carrot dangling, ‘as an above and beyond stretch assignment.’ We went above and beyond but there is only so far you are willing to stretch before the elastic band snaps. That is when the yes person says screw this and shifts to the NO!  That is when the other workers will begin to ask questions.
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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

CLAN DESTINE - Dead Women Have Vendettas Review.

I have to say I love this review.

Thank you whoever LMS#YOM is:)

A gripping, imaginative read with a very unusual story line. 3 Jan. 2016
By LMS#YOM - Published on
Format: Paperback
I read this book while on holiday and found it hard to put down. The detailed description of the characters allowed me to really visualise each one and my imagination ran wild. A well-written book which takes you through various twists and turns and nail biting parts in the plot. You wonder just where it is going next and get quite carried away with the story. A great read. I found it to be a unique and unusual story line, so will definitely try another by this author.
How would you feel if you knew there were women out there who worked to protect the innocents from the cruel, the depraved and vindictive people who walked the earth? The Feminas, an elite group of women, trained to assassinate in calculated feminine ways, work for the CLAN. They don't t use guns, or their bodies as lures; instead they are calculated, precise and not easily traced when removing their targets. They are the 'grey women' who blend in, observe and create perfect accidents.
Clan Destine: Dead Women Have Vendettas Audiobook

Friday, 1 January 2016

Harnessing the power of your Passion

Harnessing the power of your Passion

Today I have been enjoying everything I feel passionate about... And because of this I thought 'hey why not share the passion and inspire others to live their passion too?' With that in mind, I  created a scribe about passion. In fact I am being passionate about passion. I have to say I could almost bounce about the room. I hope this inspires you. I hope you love it and I hope you access your energy and drive to create great things in this world! Yipee!

Oh and please share on every media available...

I have put calm music on this version because I added music to the first one which charged me and then almost had to go for a run to calm the energy. I know... You know what? Tell me which one you like the best! If you have to go and create something wonderful with the energy it gives you then it has worked! Love it!

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Clan Destine - Thriller / Espionage Novel

How would you feel if you knew there were women out there who worked to protect the innocent from the cruel, depraved, and vindictive people who walked Earth? The Feminas, an elite group of women trained to assassinate in calculated feminine ways, work for the CLAN. They don't use guns or their bodies as lures; instead they are calculated, precise, and not easily traced when removing their targets. They are the "grey women" who blend in, observe, and create perfect accidents.

Eve, one of the Feminas, excels at target eradication. However, her compulsion for perfection causes the CLAN concern. The more she attempts to conceal her tapping to the beat of 10, the more she feels she's breaking down. The problem is that when one suppresses emotions, then the trauma will rise in other ways. So how can Eve maintain her perfect targeting record and reconcile her denied self without facing a whitewash process?
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Clan Destine: Dead Women Have Vendettas | [Ruby Allure]
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"Dead Women Have Books"

Clan Destine: Dead Women Have Vendettas by Ruby Allure is my third book by Ruby Allure. AND: Its the best! Money Farm and The Office Zoo are both funny and good. This is darker, and i like, no wait; I freaking love it! Yes this not the most funny one, no it does not have the lough out loud moments, but the humor works even where it is a thriller. I recommend all the books i read by Ruby, and i cant wait to see what she is going to do next.

Mil Nicholson is the perfect voice for this book, her british accent is just what this book need. It is read with love and i do feel that. 11 hrs and 17 mins never feels boring, uninteresting or just bad. It feels right!

Ruby Allure is maybe new to you, but i see all bright things in her future.

New Year - Write a Book????

A Short Course in Creative Writing
by Ms Ruby Allure