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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Do you find it difficult to ask for help?

Do you find it a challenge to ask people for help? Do you have to be able to do everything by yourself? Now let me share a little insight with you? People do actually like to help. I know... It was a revelation to me too. For some reason we think that we have to do everything alone, strive to demonstrate how great we are by 'going it alone.' The thing is - is it fun to go it alone? Erm no!

So what makes me  bring up this subject? Well it is something I noticed lately... When I first started writing books I was so proud that I had done it all by myself. Of course that is where my ego came in... I was 'so special' because I could write, design and edit. I made the cover, did the editing and basically created the whole bookie product alone. It was a great learning process; however, over time I realised that actually I wasn't the one who could do everything perfectly. I enjoyed writing a story; yet, working with an editor, an expert proof-reader, a proper designer and then audio producers was a far greater pleasure than going it alone. Everyone had developed their skills and was a specialist in what they did.  What's more, I realised that I liked my friends being involved in my creations. I asked them if they would like to give feedback or make honest reviews.  That is where I asked for help. I asked for honest feedback and for them to let others know about my new books. Also each one knew that it was not an expectation and I always gave them the option to say no.

In years gone by I would have never have done that. What is it that stops us asking? Is it because we think it is an inconvenience? Is it a sense of pride? What is the worst that can happen? Someone can say no and that it it! From that simple little step, I realised that I really liked helping others too. When people asked me for help I felt priviledged to be asked and to be able to give that help. There are even times when I actually ask people if they need help - imagine that taking place in current times. Of course there are people who take advantage and milk the need for help and that is when you have to be able to say no too. However, once you develop discernment and learn to work out who is genuine and who is not then it becomes a pleasure to help out.

So with this in mind, I would love to say a huge thanks to all of those who have helped me of late. It seems I didn't even need to ask because they all offered.

Monday, 26 September 2016

It seems that Hairy legs can capture people's imaginations!

I don't mean to go on about this today; however, I am sooo excited. Another amazing review and suddenly people are beginning to write to me about this book. Last night saw a surge in sales because I released an Amazon advertising campaign. In truth I never thought that hairy legs would capture people's imaginations.

Here is the latest review for the audio version:

Format: Audible Audio Edition
"The Hairy Legged Mystery" is a fun story that keeps the reader guessing to figure out to What or Whom the hairy legs belong! After the suspense builds and builds keeping young readers hooked and highly entertained, at last all is revealed in a satisfying and oddly edifying manner. This book has a creative plot premise and is easy for a child to comprehend and enjoy. The characters are all well defined and I thought Lisa Hicks did a great job of bringing them to life using her considerable talent as an audio book reader. My daughter and I both loved listening to the book more than once on Audible and would like to commend both Author and Reader for their successful efforts putting together "The Hairy Legged Mystery." We are looking forward to more from this talented twosome!
Felix Winters

I will be honest after going through the redundancy process for  the last three months, to have such positive feedback on your writing is really appreciated. You know what I am hoping.... yes you have guessed it - that my sales increase to the state where I can work as a full time author... I never thought I would say that... Today I hope this is the turning point...  We will see what happens... Life has its plan, let's hope that mine is the same:)

Time for a little dance!

The Cucumber Catastrophe in The Hairy-Legged Mystery....

Today has been fun because I have had numerous questions about The Hairy-Legged Mystery and where such an idea came from. In all honesty these amusing little things just pop into my head and I find myself smirking. I then think hmmmm how can I turn this into something that will make me laugh while I write. It is that simple... Anyway Lisa Hicks is the voice behind The Hairy-Legged Mystery and I feel that I would love to share her voice interpretation. She has me in hysterics! So here is the moment in the book where the cucumber patch is in a bit of a disaster!
I hope you all find it amusing...

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Sneak Audio Preview of Elora, The One-Winged Fairy and The Last Baby Giggle

Okay I admit it, I might be a little bit excited... Why? Well today I have spent the day working through the audio version of Elora, The One-Winged Fairy... And The Last Baby Giggle. I have to admit it really had me giggling and I wrote it. Is that as bad as laughing at your own jokes? I guess so... Anyway I have put a sample up and will be putting another sample of The Hairy-Legged Mystery on the next blog because something happened over night and people have been asking me all manner of questions about these books. I guess it ties in with the sales increasing.

So I hope you enjoy this. Just so you know... the inspiration for the laughter being sucked from the world came from an environment where I worked where the atmosphere could be likened to a stagnant fart. It was such a shame... The people became so miserable and fed up. I was fine because I do have an inner landscape full of fairy adventures, hairy-legged mysteries and my own jokes. Admittedly I glad to be free to get on with my writing for a while.

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Friday, 23 September 2016

Committing Career Suicide

Life is funny how it can throw you some fantastic dilemmas. In comparison to many people my dilemma isn't that bad, in fact it is lovely. The question is: do I or don't I commit career suicide? For those who follow my blogs, you will be aware that I usually work as a business analyst and innovator and then in my spare time enjoy writing books and blogs. The books are my creative release, so they will continue being written because writing is a compulsion. I can't not do it.

So here is the dilemma:
I have taken the opportunity for redundancy - great. Now the world is now full of possibility. I finished work last week and this week I have been invited to return to cruise ships to work on board in a writing capacity. It sounds fantastic; however, it will involve working ten hour days, seven days a week for four months in a row. What's more the money isn't very good. I can cover my mortgage and live relatively frugally and circumnavigate the world. The thing with writing all the time is that you don't have a lot left for your own creative writing. Of course everything on board is taken care of. I have worked on ships for years previously and enjoyed it. The reason I returned to 'real life' was because one of the ships I was working on almost sunk in Antarctica. That potential catastrophe made me re-evaluate existence and return to land to live a 'safe-ish' life. Of course the week I returned I managed to cycle in a swarm of twenty thousand bees. Yep! That is apparently the safe life! Over the last twelve years I have to admit writing became my escape from the mundane and boredom of corporate culture.

Taking to the seas again provides wonderful potential for adventure while working in a creative writing capacity. It seems like a wonderful dream; although the reality of being on board is entirely different.  At the same day I have been approached to work in Germany for 5 months as a business analyst earning huge money using my skills as a business analyst, innovator and project manager. Following that I was then called up and asked by a company to work in London on a huge innovation financial project - big money and lots of stress. Finally another local project role approached - easy to get to and could be a little dull. Isn't it nice to be in demand... Of course I am still waiting for the right one to land and nothing is definite yet. Of course these sequence of events got me thinking and asking questions. The thing is this is life and what do you want to say when you are on your death-bed: yes I earned loads of money or I experienced every day fully and saw the world? I am lucky because I am free to follow any route because I have no commitments. That is why I am so tempted to commit the career suicide and just go and travel again. The inspiration, the potential blogs and the idea of the experience thrills me. The thing is when you work four months on and two months off you can focus completely on writing during your leave time... So you may not think this is a dilemma, the thing is by stepping away from business analysis is like committing career suicide. By not living fully one is committing another type of spiritual death.

In addition to all of this, Elora, The One-Winged Fairy - The Last Baby Giggle has completed audio production by Lisa Hicks and is in its evaluation and approval phase. So that is exciting and I have been having a strong desire to write the follow up to Money Farm (the brave new world of finance). You know what? It is as if the universe has taken a laxative... So the question is what would you do? Commit career suicide or follow the path of financial increase combined with the mundane?

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A fantasy fairy fiction novel for girls aged 8 and older...

Saturday, 17 September 2016

What a wonderful review!!! - Thank you!

When you receive reviews like this you realise that all those struggles you have been through being an author is worth it. Thank you Izzy! I am glad the book gave you and your nephews pleasure! In fact it is a real joy for me when you hear that something you created actually makes people giggle. In my opinion the world needs more laughter!

What makes it amazing is how someone on the other side of the world, who you have never met, is laughing because you wrote something... I love it and that is the joy of being an author!

By Izzy Schwedop on September 11, 2016
Format: Paperback
The storyline of the short book is fun, exciting and imaginative. Allure does a stellar job at creating such vivd characters while letting readers 'get in' on the playing between two siblings.

The characters range from young children to grown adults. Lisa is able to execute these characters so genuinely you sometimes forget that they are all being voiced by one person. Such a true actor! My nephews absolutely loved listening to Lisa's spirited performance and were always kept on their toes wondering what was coming next. They especially loved the way Lisa said Oop Oop and continued to imitate it all day! Lisa skillfully hits all the right marks reading this audiobook and I can't wait to listen to what she comes out with next.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Embracing Uncertainty

Image result for uncertainty
Who here likes to have their life in order? Who likes to know what is happening and live in a routine? Who here likes to feel safe? So what happens when all your safety lines are removed and you have to live each day and not know what is coming next? So how do you do you deal with uncertainty?
Image result for things in order

I asked the 'uncertain' question to a variety of friends of different backgrounds. Their answers were fascinating because many of them are late thirties and mid-forties and there were common themes amongst them. Those in their mid-forties were more likely to say you have to trust and let things pan out. Those in their thirties were less relaxed and said they get anxious and frustrated. Some had been given medication to alleviate the nervousness. After having a few conversations about the subject, I had a lovely moment of serendipity where this quote arrived:

Depression comes from living in the past.
Anxiety comes from living in the future.
Peace comes from living in the now.

I had not thought about life in that way; however, I realised that the only day guaranteed is today. I had spent so much time planning for the future and that future never quite turned out how I expected. If peace resides in the now then you can only really live your optimum now. So that question made me think then what is it I want to feel in a day? What is it I want to experience? It is questions like these that lead you into a warren of thoughts and ideals and then I realised - it was simple...

I want to experience Joy, Happiness, Fun and Love.

So rather than go out onto the streets and happy-hug random people, I took to meditating on these feelings in the morning. Try asking yourself what does it truly feel like to feel joy and allow yourself to feel it. This little revelation came from a network spinal analysis practitioner who I was on holiday with recently. She literally said try just feeling the emotions you wish to feel. They are all just sitting inside.

So back to the uncertainty... How does this relate? Uncertainty is life, that is a fact. We are under the impression that life is under our command; however, I have certainly learned lately that life has its own little plan which seems to be a little different from my own. The more I try to control and make it what I think it should be, the more life prizes my fingers from what I cling to and throws me into free-fall. So with that in mind, maybe the lesson is learning to embrace uncertainty. In Indiana Jones there is a bridge of faith. As he steps forward the bridge forms itself. He had to trust that he was not going to descend into a huge ravine. To embrace uncertainty one has to trust, allow and enjoy the present moment. That way you become open to all opportunities and intuition. What a lovely learning from someone who always wanted things in order...

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