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Saturday, 17 September 2016

What a wonderful review!!! - Thank you!

When you receive reviews like this you realise that all those struggles you have been through being an author is worth it. Thank you Izzy! I am glad the book gave you and your nephews pleasure! In fact it is a real joy for me when you hear that something you created actually makes people giggle. In my opinion the world needs more laughter!

What makes it amazing is how someone on the other side of the world, who you have never met, is laughing because you wrote something... I love it and that is the joy of being an author!

By Izzy Schwedop on September 11, 2016
Format: Paperback
The storyline of the short book is fun, exciting and imaginative. Allure does a stellar job at creating such vivd characters while letting readers 'get in' on the playing between two siblings.

The characters range from young children to grown adults. Lisa is able to execute these characters so genuinely you sometimes forget that they are all being voiced by one person. Such a true actor! My nephews absolutely loved listening to Lisa's spirited performance and were always kept on their toes wondering what was coming next. They especially loved the way Lisa said Oop Oop and continued to imitate it all day! Lisa skillfully hits all the right marks reading this audiobook and I can't wait to listen to what she comes out with next.

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