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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Keeping it real with a fake moustache!

I am very much a believer in life revealing your necessary learning if only you pay attention. Over the last few weeks real people, egos and keeping things real caught my attention.

A number of years ago I worked in a book store. The plan was to work there, have my books in stock and then dominate the world... As you do. Obviously that was rather ego driven. I recognise that now.

During my time in that book store we had numerous book signings from famous authors, aspiring authors and non-descript authors. I found it interesting to observe how each acted with the public and their fans. Some were lovely and humble while others basically disappeared up their own posteriors. The worst were those with huge egos who treated booksellers with complete disrespect. I learned so much during this time and became rather amused by how unaware of themselves many were. After intensive author observation, I decided that I did not really feel the need to know the author. I would rather read the story and enjoy the fact the author was a creative channel. With all this in mind, I came to the conclusion that I did not wish to be seen. I respect my readers, yet had no desire to flit around like a diva or disappear publically up my own posterior... Boring!

This week showed me a new perspective because I met an Olympic athlete through rowing. I noticed how she interacted with the public. She was feminine, humble and kind. In fact, she demonstrated how a public figure could respond to people with humility. My whole attitude before was to adopt a disguise using a giant fake moustache. In essence I had no desire to be seen with or without a fake moustache. Of course such a vision could evoke moustachio mania but that is not the point. The point is my perspective changed and that is thanks to someone who had the courage to be authentic and real in a public space. She was a positive role model and brave enough to be herself. So thank you Helen! You provided me with a wonderful insight into how someone could conduct themselves in public. Also thank you for discussing the issue of rower's bottom and the virtues of posterial massage.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Why do people have to know about the Author?

So why is it that people need to know about the author? I have no clue - I just like reading the writing and having an insight into a person's mind. It is like stepping into someone else's house and having a look around. I find it fascinating - the thing is I am not terribly interested in the person, just what they create. The reason for this is because the act of creation for me is an individual uniting with their unconscious and constructing a non-reality and making it reality in words. A beautiful process, quite divine really. That is why I love the written word, creativity and inspiration.

Of course it seems that not many people view the world this way. I seem to be receiving more questions about me and my thoughts rather than my books... So this is me - I am tall, female, like to row boats. I laugh hysterically at my own jokes. Sometimes I even laugh at the thought of spontaneous laughter in rather awkward situations. Brilliant! In terms of everything else - I am a private person, I have no desire to be the kind of person who wears expensive clothing and flaunts bits of body for the media... Not interested. I like being amongst people, watching them and their stories. I love to find out about people's lives and who people really are and why they are like that... That is far more interesting than putting on some fake show...
So me - boats, water, self-amused, love writing books because it is an excuse to laugh out loud in cafes at my own jokes. That is it - nothing more - nothing less. Money pays bills, my mortgage and enables me the space and time to write. Millions of pounds is just millions of pounds... I have what I need and am happy with that... As I write this, I realise what a lovely space I am in and how lucky I am to be like this...

Finally I do hot yoga - it is pure torture, the hardest 'exercise' I have ever done but it keeps me calm and sweats out the caffeine that I consume - one cup per day... That is me - my life and everything else is nicely private...

Something is afoot.

Today I was discussing with a colleague the fact that one has to set an intention and really focus on it until you really believe it. There is a strange tingle in your gut and then you simply hand it over to whatever exists in the space we cannot see. My intention was simple - that the right people find the books and that they inspire, amuse and provide insight. Now that is happening and it is happening really rather fast...

What's more, it all came about when I stopped writing with the idea of making money. Yes it is a nice by-product but I do have a job. So by having a job - it takes the pressure off what I write... I get to spend as much time as possible in creation time making work that I truly love... I do not want to jump on a publishing treadmill where I have to churn out work. The truth is Labyrinthine took about six years to brew while I learned to write. The Ocean Callings took eight years and I wrote it and re-wrote it and yes last year I re-wrote it again. I had so much to learn about writing...

Finally Davina and The Goyles took about seven years. Incidentally I write books simultaneously, so the eight years, seven years and six years were years that over-lapped. I am not that old...

So with all this in mind, something interesting took place today - all three books were noticed on Kindle... They must have drawn someone's attention to put them on promotion. As I said my intention was for people to find the books and be inspired... So let's enjoy that it is happening and attract more positive attention.

My other good news is that The Ocean Callings has come out in paperback today. I loved writing that book so much... The adventures I had when I was creating it and the people I met in Scotland were phenomenal... I had no real technique for welly throwing or cowpat discuss until I had to research it. I just hope that book becomes a film just because it will have people laughing aloud in the cinema audience.. Love the thought of that! Here's to the right film producer finding the books and loving them!,,,