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Monday, 3 September 2012

Something is afoot.

Today I was discussing with a colleague the fact that one has to set an intention and really focus on it until you really believe it. There is a strange tingle in your gut and then you simply hand it over to whatever exists in the space we cannot see. My intention was simple - that the right people find the books and that they inspire, amuse and provide insight. Now that is happening and it is happening really rather fast...

What's more, it all came about when I stopped writing with the idea of making money. Yes it is a nice by-product but I do have a job. So by having a job - it takes the pressure off what I write... I get to spend as much time as possible in creation time making work that I truly love... I do not want to jump on a publishing treadmill where I have to churn out work. The truth is Labyrinthine took about six years to brew while I learned to write. The Ocean Callings took eight years and I wrote it and re-wrote it and yes last year I re-wrote it again. I had so much to learn about writing...

Finally Davina and The Goyles took about seven years. Incidentally I write books simultaneously, so the eight years, seven years and six years were years that over-lapped. I am not that old...

So with all this in mind, something interesting took place today - all three books were noticed on Kindle... They must have drawn someone's attention to put them on promotion. As I said my intention was for people to find the books and be inspired... So let's enjoy that it is happening and attract more positive attention.

My other good news is that The Ocean Callings has come out in paperback today. I loved writing that book so much... The adventures I had when I was creating it and the people I met in Scotland were phenomenal... I had no real technique for welly throwing or cowpat discuss until I had to research it. I just hope that book becomes a film just because it will have people laughing aloud in the cinema audience.. Love the thought of that! Here's to the right film producer finding the books and loving them!,,,

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