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Monday, 3 September 2012

Why do people have to know about the Author?

So why is it that people need to know about the author? I have no clue - I just like reading the writing and having an insight into a person's mind. It is like stepping into someone else's house and having a look around. I find it fascinating - the thing is I am not terribly interested in the person, just what they create. The reason for this is because the act of creation for me is an individual uniting with their unconscious and constructing a non-reality and making it reality in words. A beautiful process, quite divine really. That is why I love the written word, creativity and inspiration.

Of course it seems that not many people view the world this way. I seem to be receiving more questions about me and my thoughts rather than my books... So this is me - I am tall, female, like to row boats. I laugh hysterically at my own jokes. Sometimes I even laugh at the thought of spontaneous laughter in rather awkward situations. Brilliant! In terms of everything else - I am a private person, I have no desire to be the kind of person who wears expensive clothing and flaunts bits of body for the media... Not interested. I like being amongst people, watching them and their stories. I love to find out about people's lives and who people really are and why they are like that... That is far more interesting than putting on some fake show...
So me - boats, water, self-amused, love writing books because it is an excuse to laugh out loud in cafes at my own jokes. That is it - nothing more - nothing less. Money pays bills, my mortgage and enables me the space and time to write. Millions of pounds is just millions of pounds... I have what I need and am happy with that... As I write this, I realise what a lovely space I am in and how lucky I am to be like this...

Finally I do hot yoga - it is pure torture, the hardest 'exercise' I have ever done but it keeps me calm and sweats out the caffeine that I consume - one cup per day... That is me - my life and everything else is nicely private...

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