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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Writing for Healing

Writing For Healing


This week I have taken the week off because quite frankly it was time for a holiday. What’s more, I completed The Ocean Callings edits on audio and one needs to celebrate with a little time away. So how does this relate to writing and healing then? Well when I complete work I take time off and I make sure that I make space for healing and personal writing. One has to make the space to re-consider, re-evaluate and re-direct. It is so easy to be busy all the time jumping from one goal to the next. Yet there is time for relaxation and there is time for action. These are all necessary parts of growth. What’s more, there is time for progression and time for reflection. I feel it is necessary to take the time to notice how you have progressed and learn from what you have achieved. Is there a better way? What worked? What wouldn’t you do again? This applies to life too and that is why a journal is a powerful tool. Do you have a journal? Do you ever ask yourself how you really feel or what you really want? Do you ever consider how you have done? What in your life works? What can you do to increase what works? Or are you spending your time dwelling on what life is lacking or on the shyte? I have mentioned before, in a couple of my books, if you shine your torch on a turd then that is what you will see fully illuminated. I look at the mind as a light house and where you rotate that light beam is what becomes illuminated. Where would you choose to focus a spotlight in your life if you had the choice? Which parts of your life would you want the world to see and which other parts would you prefer remained private? Now, that is why one can use writing for healing. You can purge yourself of what you really think, what you dislike and what you love. How else do you find out what is going on in the unconscious when the conscious mind is full of mental tittle tattle?

Anyway today is the day where I would like to share with you three prompts that may or may not catalyse healing. This is up to you to do and the results can only come from you. The prompts are just suggestions and you can tailor them to the areas of your life you would like to work on. In my opinion it is only when you write something out then you learn what is really going on in the churning mental background.


·         I feel that I have achieved…. And this is what worked… And this is how I would do it differently.

·         The thing I would most like to change… With all resources were available to me then this is how I would go about it…

·         The strongest feeling I experience is…. And I would like to…

I hope this inspires you…

If you have any prompts that work for you or may work for others then please share in the comments below…
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