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Saturday, 2 July 2016

A Bit More About Reviews

A Bit More About Reviews

Do you like to share your journey with others? I do because I know there are other writers and authors who are just starting out on a similar journey and I feel that by sharing the highs and lows of writing, I can somehow help and support them. On one of my previous posts I talked about reviews. Since then I have been asked a few questions about the process and how to deal with reviews.

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During the writing to publishing process it is necessary to get reviews. It is an interesting phenomenon that many people base their buying decisions on the opinions of others. I look at it as a tribal mentality. People feel safer when other people offer opinions. There must be some deep-rooted psychological reasons for that.
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So this week my books went out for review. This means that random people, who I have never met, listen to the audio versions of these books and post their opinions. When I first took part in this process I found it horrifying. When I say horrifying there were times I wanted to re-write a whole book based on the feedback. Over time I hardened up and realised that reviews were opinions based on people lives and where they were 'at' when they were writing the review. I doubt anyone would write a nice review after stubbing a toe or having a stressful day at work. The way that I dealt with it: I decided that I loved writing the books and releasing them. The reviews were simply part of a promotional process. If they were good then great, if they were absolutely hideous then I would go and do something nice like paddle-boarding  to reward myself for being able to accept 'criticism.'

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The thing is all authors are vulnerable because they open their hearts and souls to the world. They are being intellectually intimate with strangers. I actually wonder whether readers are aware of how they literally step into another person's inner world and what a privilege that is. Of course on the other side of the coin is being able to allow people access into your inner world.
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The thing is reviews provide approval, disapproval and are part of the process. I have listed the three that I have received this week for Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. Guess which one was the one that caught my attention. Which one would capture your attention? It is funny isn't it?

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Mary Karowski 06-30-16

Great story. The author hit it on the nose. Great tale to keep kids out of mischief. I don't know if the book itself is illustrated but if it
Is I can just imagine the wonderful done scenes of the story. Well written well narrated. Straight to the pint and great for kids of all ages. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review
Tanya M. Spiegel Miami, Florida07-01-16

"Just ok"
I wanted to give this a great review. However, it did not hold either of my children's attention. The story also ended very abruptly. I wish the writer had given a little more at the end. It is rather a frightening book from my perspective as a mother being that the mischief makers in the end leave Tinkle crying and bound up. I care for foster children that didn't sit well with me at all. I received this book for free for an honest review. I liked the fact the author was heading for a good ending it was the abruptness of the ending and how it ended I struggled with.
Susan L. Daniels 06-17-16   

"Nice book for my grandchildren"
Where does Tingle Dingle and the Little Mischiefs rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?
I haven't listened to very many but I loved the way the narrator added sound effects. Even though this is a childrens' book I thorough enjoyed listening to it.

What did you like best about this story?
The sound effects

What about Triera Holley’s performance did you like?
Her voice is soothing and clear.

For all those new writers that are entering the world of publishing, find your own way to work with the reviews. Some other author friends of mine simply don't bother looking. They said they created the work and put it into the world. That work then has to fend for itself...

Personally I now use the reviews to find ways to grow and improve. I like honest feedback and in truth I desire to provide my readers with the best books I can. That is easier if I listen to feedback, process it and then intend to create something more wonderful with the next piece of work.

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