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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes

The Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes

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When any form of financial crisis develops you recognise the importance of establishing multiple incomes. The reason I mention this is the uncertainty that has come from the whole Brexit situation. I have noticed a general consensus of un-ease and people curbing their spending in the environment I work within. Hang on... Work? You're an author aren't you? Well I am and I freely admit that I don't just work as an author. I also work in a large corporation in the capacity of business analyst, social media team leader and a project leader. In fact, whatever the corporation can do to use the skills available then it will. In addition, I worked as a photographer for eighteen years and submitted work to photo-banks and finally I worked as a creative writing lecturer for evening classes. You may wonder why on earth I did all of that. Well I have always been a firm believer in being able to support yourself. There will always be crisis, financial ups and downs and times when you want to sit back and enjoy. Yes there is more to life than money; however, money enables you the freedom to enjoy ]'the more to life.'
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After watching the markets this week, I wondered about people and their incomes and their spends. So many people put their money on credit cards in the hope of better times. The way I see it is the best time is now. Times do change; however, facing your finances, modulating your income and being inventive in establishing multiple ways to generate income can become a pleasure. I know people that have foreign students who study English stay in their house. Others allow people to stay in their spare rooms or park on their drives. There are so many ways to generate incomes yet so many individuals become fixed in their financial beliefs and consider only one option. Consider how money can be made on Ebay, it can be made by writing, not just books but articles. Art works, web designs even speaking can all generate incomes and those incomes can be funnelled into paying off mortgages, generating rainy day fund and paying off debt. There are so many ways to make money, it is just a case of putting your mind to it.
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I know this is obvious, yet when I speak to people about multiple incomes they say that I am lucky. No it is not luck, it is a decision. You make a decisive decision to determine additional ways to make income and action it. Consider how many hours people sit inanely in front of the television. One of those evenings could be spent generating extra income. That little bit of extra money generated over ten years makes for a sizeable sum.
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Over the years I have read plenty of books on the money making subject such as The Rules of Wealth, The Richest Man in Babylon, The Automatic Millionaire, The Four Hour Working Week and Think and Grow Rich - to name but a few. The thing is one can make learning how to make money a hobby and the by-product is moving towards financial freedom. There aren't many hobbies that enable that are there?
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So my Five Benefits of Multiple Incomes are:

  1. Being able to have money to play with, for rainy days and general reserves.
  2. Being able to pay off debt quicker and save quicker.
  3. Not relying on one income when the job market is unstable.
  4. Learning that money making can be fun, learning adaptable skills and money making skills.
  5. Money dictates your tolerance level and reliance on a job. When you have multiple incomes if something annoys you then you have the power to say 'stuff it'.

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