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Sunday, 10 July 2016

Do You Know When To Stop?

Do You Know When To Stop?

After jumping out on a colleague from behind an office column and shouting stop, it occurred to me not everyone knows when to stop. That particular colleague just had to be approached about his cucumbers. Cucumbers? Yes! He has been sneaking around the office wielding organic cucumbers and depositing them on unsuspecting colleagues’ desks. I caught him the other morning in the very act of cucumber delivery. Something about it rang alarm bells. Since I run a social media team for a large corporation, I considered how best I could utilise the covert cucumber mission to best effect. So in the Social Media meeting today, we came up with all manner of cucumber anecdotes and titles for the blog including the Cucumber Surprise, Covert Cucumbers, Corporate Cucumbers and how to make your cucumber grow by speaking to it (the last one was a considered a little too rude to corporately publish - booo!!!). To accompany the article we decided to get the official photographer to photograph cucumbers with ‘googly’ doll eyes so we could maintain surprise cucumber expressions around the office. Of course we do very corporate articles too; however, I am having two weeks off work from Friday to focus on finishing my current book and felt the need for a little mischief prior to having a holiday. That way any repercussions would have been complete by the time I leave.

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The cucumber interview questions included

‘How did you discover your cucumber love?’

‘Do you talk to your cucumber to make it grow?’

‘What attracted you to cucumbers?’

‘If you were a cucumber what advice would you give?’

‘Of all the cucumbers you have grown, has one particular cucumber jumped out at you?’

The thing is the blog has to be approved, so we will see what happens. 

So back to my original question – do you know when to stop? This covers many topics? Exercise, food, health and book promotion.

In terms of exercise where do you have to reach to stop? Today I crossed a paddleboard threshold: a line of yellow buoys mark my limits. I usually stay within them but today I was blown beyond them. Once I had experienced ‘unchartered’ paddle territory, I turned the board and paddled in. I realised I had gone beyond my limit and had to stop and turn around. That made me question when is the point when we know when to stop. So how ill do you have to become before you actually stop and rest? I watch so many people at work descend into complete flu and infect the whole office before they take the day off. Their martyrdom should have stopped and saved others from the infection.
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What about food? If you were in front of a buffet when do you decide when to stop? Do you have to feel ill? I worked on cruise ships for years and watched gluttonous buffet bonanzas. People kept eating and eating and certainly did not know when to stop! The attitude was: I have paid for it and I want to get my money’s worth.
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Finally, I have noticed that when it comes to product promotion and book promotion, there is a finite time that things can be rammed down an audience’s throat before the audience become blasé, bored or ignore a repetitious. So the question for me is when do you stop? Tonight is my final night of promoting The Hairy-Legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. The way I see it is you can do as much as you can to let the world know and then those little literary lovelies have to fend for themselves. It is a case of freeing the pigeon and letting it navigate its way home. In this case I released two fun children’s stories into the world, let the world know and now it is time to stop, move on and allow them to find their readers. Nice eh? It is great to know when it is time to stop and start new.

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  1. Patient: Doctor, doctor I feel like a cucumber.
    Doctor: Help yourself there's some in the fridge!

    Why did the cucumber go out with the prune?
    Because he could'nt find a date!

    How many giraffes can you fit in a mini?
    Four, two in the front two in the back!

    How many cucumbers can you fit in a mini?
    None, the giraffes are in it!

    I think of ALL the fruits to pick, the cucumber
    is about as good a subject as any..! :).
    Goodness! The mind boggles, and ALL the endless
    jokes about it....The colour, the shape, though,
    must be careful, we'll get thrown off the internet! :).

    Soooo...Knowing when to stop, when you need/have to!
    Being fortunate to be born with a 'very' strong will
    power, l've never found it a problem. Though, over
    the years, meeting various types..of people..who,
    do/did have a problem with this!
    The biggest culprit for this is 'GREED' indirectly
    link with 'MONEY'. Most crimes, murders etc...are
    link to these two things..And people are still
    willing to risk 'ALL' to take that chance! (idiots).
    Just ALL started in the garden of Eden....!

    HeHe! I've just Googled 'Cucumbers, images' quite
    a few ideas there to start with...Even slicing them,
    and placing them on the eyes...(HeHe! joke there
    somewhere). :).

    So remember....
    "Live Simply, Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak
    Kindly". Amen!

  2. Thanks for the comment Willie... Some of the cucumber pictures are hilarious!