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Sunday, 17 July 2016



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Imagine being locked out of your house and in an attempt to get in you end up jammed in your toilet window with your legs dangling outside.  Now imagine the fire brigade being called to extract you from that precarious situation. Well this is what happened to a colleague of mine. What made it worse was she was carrying weight which resulted in her being well and truly squished. As a solution the firemen extracted the whole window rather than coat her in goose fat. The poor woman ended up bruised around her middle not to mention the emotional bruising from feeling so humiliated. What made it worse was this whole fire team were hot. So there she was with dangling legs, a skirt and huge knickers. It is at times like that I wonder whether the universe is having a bit of a joke or clearly demonstrating the feeling of being completely stuck.

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The thing is this lady realised that not only had she been stuck in her toilet window she also felt stuck in life. It was then she realised she had to do something. She had not realised how unhappy she was until she was jammed peering precariously down her toilet for a couple of hours until the firemen arrived. It was as if she was experiencing her inner stuckness externally. She then decided she needed to find a solution to stuckness. A series of events resulted in her taking a breathing workshop. The breathing was called Somatic Resonance Integration breathing. This style of breathing makes you relax into your body and find areas that feel stuck. You then focus on that area and breath into it. When the whole area is expanded you then say aloud that you feel stuck. 'I feel stuck.' Simple eh? Well the physical response that comes from this is astounding. Some people growl others scream and others simply shake... Then once you have done that you repeat the breath which is mouth mouth breathing until the area is filled again and repeat 'I feel stuck,' you do this until the area is cleared. You may wonder how this affects your life. Well often we feel stuck externally and this is represented within us internally. So when we enter our internal world and remove the areas of stuckness and allow the energy to flow then we shift our perceptions and that shift changes our external experience.

So why do I write this? Well I am a little stuck at the moment with one of the books I am writing. I have about five thousand words to go and it is quite a difficult part to write. It involves writing about shadows and darkness. In all truth I would rather not go there. So maybe that is why I am writing this blog - another little procrastination! My house is also suggesting that it needs to be cleaned too! Ha. Writer's block / stuckness is such an interesting thing. It is like a mental constipation where only when you relax and don't force then it can flow. The thing is I put a deadline on the completion of this book and I have realised for me that creativity can't be controlled. It is like trying to catch a chicken. The more I try and chase the blooming idea chickens the more the creative creature slips my grasp. So using my paddleboard method - I have chosen to relax into it and 'sit and give it a try...' There are no demands, there are no controls I simply shift my mind into enjoying the process rather than racing along. One paddle at a time, or in writing- one sentence at a time... That is the only way I can succeed.

For those who are now interested in the SRI breathing, this is part of a Chiropratic method called Network Spinal Analysis. It is something that I used to clear and calm my nervous system. It is also something that enabled me to cope with a very stressful job and enabled me to remain focused. Anyway, after reminding myself of the SRI stuckness exercise, I am now back into writing free-flow and will be completing my new book. If you feel stuck it might be worth giving the breathing technique a try and see what happens!

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"Intriguing with a WONDERFULLY twist at the end"
This is the 2nd story by this author I have read and I love it. Will eagerly seek more by her. The story was captivating, mystical magical and entertaining. The parental
Bed time stories and deceptions of the various monsters and creatures of fantasy keep you guessing as to what it is. The reveal is more magical for the build up and Even more amazing than described. Loved it and highly recommend it for kids and adults alike. Good luck figuring it out. I received this audiobook from the author narrator or publisher for free via audiobookboom in exchange for an unbiased review

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  1. I picked up the Sun yesterday...I only buy
    one 'comic' a week, as l like the TV pull
    out! On page 34..there's a little item and
    lovely photo of a mouse, that got into a
    bird feeder..scoffed all the remaining seeds,
    then it was to fat to get out..! HeHe! When
    the owners came home, they unscrewed the base
    of the bird feeder and let it go...! Bless!
    So, there you are...'happens ALL the time'.

    Now! if that was me...I would'nt get stuck in
    a toilet window, in the first place! :).
    But! But! If l did...I would'nt really be bothered
    with breathing exercises...No! No! That's not the
    way...Have a dam good laugh about it...After all..
    the firemen would have, after they left, they have
    told me some strange stories over the years!
    Have a good old laugh about things, after having
    a pacemaker fitted recently, three days and two nights
    in hospital...Laugh from start to finish, so, much so,
    they wanted to book me for the summer season....!!! :). thing you 'must not' do in life...Is chase
    chickens..You'll NEVER catch it...Approach! Softly!
    Softly! Talk to it nicely! In a sexy voice perhaps!
    It'll think to it self...'who's this idiot'...get
    confused...while in this state...GRAB IT..!!! (Dinner).

    Lovely post this...Could go on ALL day..."You usually do
    Willie". HeHe! Bless! "Nuff Said".