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Thursday, 28 July 2016

What is your next 'WOW'?

What is your next Wow?
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When was the last time you had that feeling of 'wow'? An eruption of wowness from within? You may think really wows and wowing is for those people who just can't control themselves... Well a decent WOW and a woop can lift a person to heady heights of joy.

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So why do I write this? I had a bit of a moment the other day while I was quietly watching the world on their mobile phones. Where I live there is a beautiful pier and on the pier there has been numerous people strolling along glued to their mobile phones. People were walking along silently staring at screens as though searching for something. They would all gather in groups and not talk to each other and stare at the screen, as if waiting for something to happen. Then when that something did happen they smiled for a small moment and then strolled back down the pier with eyes fixed on their mobile screens. They then appeared to be searching for something else. It was quite a bemusing spectacle really. I wondered whether it was a one off incident so went down a number of days in a row. The same thing happened: clusters of people staring at their mobile screen. They arrived at a certain point, smiled and went on 'hunting'.
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So how does this relate to the WOW? Well there was a quiet moment and a group of young chaps came along, all hunting - they were probably around 12 or 13. They all arrived at the same area and stared at their screen. Something happened and one shouted 'Wow!' He got so excited that he started to jump up and down. He literally couldn't contain himself. He had found something and it made him leap in the air. The other three chaps looked at him as if he was uncool. However, this rebellious little 'wower!' Just kept being excited. 'That was the coolest one yet!' he cried with a little dance. The cool kids began to chuckle and shake their heads. Guess what happened? They all started to 'wow' and laugh.
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The group noticed me watching and smiling and calmed their wowing.
'It is fantastic to see a public display of wow! So what are you wowing about? There have been loads of people strolling along staring at phones and then stopping, smiling and turning around.'
The group glanced at each other as if to consider 'stranger danger'. Finally the lead wower came over and showed me his phone. It turned out they were on a 'treasure hunt' for some creature from a game on their phone. When they found the creature it exploded. There were different kinds of creature explosions and this particular one had created an almighty WOW opportunity.

Anyway the group shuffled and I asked the lead wower, 'do you wow often?' He looked at me curiously. 'I come down here a lot and you did a blooming good wow! You showed your excitement and got others involved in your wow!' It was fantastic to watch.'
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He shrugged and glanced at the others.
'He always gets excited and wows,' said one of the other guys.
'Some people think he is weird.'
'Because he is always so happy and excited.'
'Isn't that a good thing?'
The group shuffled, 's'pose so.'

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I studied the group and decided to say something rather deep to teenagers. 'If the world did not have anyone who wowed then what would happen?'
'There would be no wowing.'
'Did you notice that a decent wow created joy and you all laughed?'
The group nodded.
'If you can find something to 'wow' about every day then you really can live a good life. The bigger the wow the better I say.'
I turned to the lead wower, 'Thank you so much for that WOW! I needed to be reminded to find my wow in each day!'

With that in mind, what is you next WOW? Will you allow yourself to WOW wholeheartedly? What is the limit to your wow? When is the best time to super wow!

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1 comment:

  1. I've always thought that 'Wow' was more of something
    thoughtful, a word one thinks of of rather than say!
    So l decided to look it up...and found this....
    waʊ/informal exclamation
    1.expressing astonishment or admiration.
    "‘Wow!’ he cried enthusiastically"
    1.a sensational success.
    "your play's a wow"
    1.impress and excite (someone) greatly.
    "they wowed audiences on their recent British tour"

    The first thing to come to mind was..every morning
    in the bathroom, shaving in front the mirror..WOW!
    "I look like a million dollars"..."All green and
    crinkly"...!!! :). HeHe! What's that Carly Simon
    But..From then on it turns out a 'WOW' day...I walked
    into town..a blue Bentley went down the road..'WOW'..
    saw a lady, unknown to me, but, she stopped me and we
    chatted..(happens ALL the time)..'WOW'. Popped into
    Costa, sat with friends, numerous stories, one, 'WOW'.
    It's 11:30 now..and, l have the rest of the day to go!
    I also think, that the word 'WOW' can be said or thought
    as..'wow' or 'WOW' there is a degree of Wowness' is
    that a word..?

    When is my next 'WOW'. Who knows, don't think it's something
    one can predict...I know it's a word l always use when l
    see a pussy~cat...'WOW'...!!! :0).