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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Insights and Wisdom from 2015

Insights and Wisdom from 2015
Every year has its own flavour. Some years are as if you have accidentally eaten a whole chilli whereas other years have a sense of an ornate desert. This year has the flavour of a healthy smoothy with spinach, avocado and raspberry written all over it for me. It has been a year of plodding and slow and healthy insight. With this in mind here are five insights which may well inspire you or touch a chord within you.

·         There are amazing people out there. I often forget how amazing some people are and how humble they are with it. It is easy to be distracted by the endless idiots and aggressive types fixated on doing stupid things. Yet behind the scenes the amazing people, who are full of passion for creativity and their works/arts, simply contribute their brilliance to the world. Some gain recognition yet many others contribute in a small way and expect nothing. The point is there are amazing people who want to help others. I have attracted numerous editors, producers and great friends this year who have all demonstrated phenomenal talents and the fact they are great people. It gives me a sense of hope for humanity because if I shifted my focus to the idiots I have observed then I would wonder about the point of existence– especially with the likes of the chap that got his penis jammed in a diet coke bottle. Really!


·         Trust is a major thing for me: trust in life and trust in people. In my life I have met so many liars, con artists and those who misconstrue the truth to take advantage of people. Yet, back to the point above, there are genuine people out there who can be trusted and will openly demonstrate their trust. I always viewed them as vulnerable, yet that vulnerability is actually openness. They have dropped their defensive Armor to fully engage in life no matter what.  Those wonderful people have helped me develop my own trust in them, in my life and in my self. The more I trust in the process of life, the more the process astounds me and reveals new avenues that I would never have expected. You begin to realise that life has a process of unfolding that you will never be in control of and that unfolding has to run in a certain sequence. By trusting it you allow it. When you do not trust it – it is as if you get in the way of you.

·         Nutrition and how you effective you are according to the food in your system, has been a massive learning. It was simple – increase water, take flax oil, eat blended veg in smoothies and get rid of sugar and coffee. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well when you have a migraine for a week when you don’t have coffee and another for two weeks when you stop the sugar then that is when you realise how sugar and coffee have saturated your system. The big learning this year is that when I shifted my nutrition to fresh veg, clean protein and no sugar my whole attitude shifted. I felt happy, I felt everything was possible and stopped getting colds. I had the energy to work full time, write books, work on the audio books and reach my ultimate fitness. Nutrition is now paramount for me and this year I will refine further to find a way to be energised and relaxed.

·         Intuition has upped her game. How many times have you ignored that little voice or that weird feeling in your gut to find out later on that it was right? Well this year I allowed myself to listen to my intuition and so far it has been spot on. It has resulted in meeting the right people and knowing when to leave the wrong people to it. Intuition is something that our rapid-paced culture overlooks but the point is intuition works faster than the conscious mind and figures things out at a greater rate. So why would we ignore it? Intuition is something I now embrace because it is a fundamental part of us and it strangely enables us to ‘know’ what to do without endlessly thinking. Intuition saves me time and energy.
·         Love has been a fascinating insight this year. A lot of my external world, like most people, has always been validated by approval in the form of praise, results, relationships and rewards. Many have the inner dialogue that does this ‘I will only be good enough when I am… or when I have… or when I have achieved…’ Yet when you shift into your own internal world and ask yourself why do you need someone to love you – then the answer comes back because you aren’t loving yourself enough. I learned that expecting others to love you is hypocritical if you are not demonstrating love to yourself.


It might sound vain or wafty but loving your self can be demonstrated to your self by doing the simplest of things like nurturing the self, looking after the self and allowing yourself time to be with yourself. Back to this high-paced, high pressured world that want us to appear as though everything is okay… Well all the ‘doing’ is pointless if it means that you ‘break’ your self.  All the chasing of ideals is pointless because they are in the future. We only actually exist in the now and loving yourself now – ‘no matter what’ is liberating. Try saying this to yourself and see what happens ‘I love my self no matter what…’ That is a true declaration of self love because we often will only allow ourselves to love ourselves when we have achieved something or received approval for something. These small insights have resulted in a wonderful, yet quite gentle year. I hope by sharing these that you too may have some insights to share. If so then please comment below.
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