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Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Nature of People - What is your Nature?

The Nature of People...



 This week has been a week of learning because we all respond to situations in very different ways according to our natures. Consider this situation: It is Christmas and your team mates are all off along with your manager and the only person left is you. However you look at the list of items you are scheduled for on that day and you see that you have not got a single break or chance to go the bathroom in eight hours. How do you react?

This is the situation some of my colleagues have been stuck in and it was actually fascinating watching the response. Some people just got on with it and accepted it was just one day. Another said they were going to phone in sick. Another simply said they would avoid dealing with the situation. Where as me, the usual rebel, would go to the source and demand alternatives whilst referencing H.R. policies. This is when I realised that there was something going on.

During the week I could not help think about people's natures because some of the people I work with are amazingly intelligent and hard workers yet they are so laid back. When I say laid back nothing affects them. They could be in a meeting room and a hornets nest might randomly drop in and there would be no arm flailing; instead, they would get on with their work.

The way some people were so calm perplexed me. So much so that I even asked whether inside they were as calm as they were on the outside and the answer was yes. They just said it was their nature. It was then I realised my 'nature' was firey, energetic, motivated and confrontational. I had spent years trying to suppress what I was; however, it was my nature and that made me passionate, driven, direct and forceful. Then something popped into my head. One of my good friends, a therapist, had been to a Chinese elemental workshop on the nature of the five elements that make up people's natures. You may well find the below interesting because it might provide an insight into your elemental nature along with the benefits and the hindrances. Enjoy!

Fire Natures

The Magician or Wizard who Socialise, Network and Market
Fire is masculine and known as yang in character. The direction that is moves is upwards and energetically expansive. Fire natures are associated with persistence, strength, power and passion yet one of their main hindrances is restlessness.

The character of fire is warm, excitable and filled with enthusiasm and creativity. The negative expression turns up in impulsive behaviours, aggression and impatience. Fire drives you to find the passion to create your life's calling. It is filled with joy, laughter, humour, mischief and playfullness. To identify a fire nature you will notice charm, humour, mischief, excitability, huge energy and drive. They  hate being bored, adapt to change and seem to charge through life at an unprecedented rate. The only thing they really hate is hate because that is their negative emotion which is counter-balanced by joy.

Earth Natures

Negotiators, mediators and recruiters
Ying and Yang balance within the Earth nature. Earth combines both elements of masculine and feminine. The energetic motion moves inwards and centres because it a stabilising energy that conserves. Earth natures are thoughtful, stable, patient, practical and hard working. They are nurturing, help others grow and bring harmony and stability to most situations. Their downfall is stubbornness, selfishness and self-centredness yet their ambition, responsibility and capacity for long-term planning is a nature that is certainly needed. These natures are nurturing, warm, kind and supportive even if they have difficulty establishing boundaries because they can be taken advantage of. This results in worry with is counter balanced by empathy.

Metal Natures                  

The transformer, the alchemist, the lawyer and the judge
Yin is the dominant character in Metal natures, which is feminine. The inward motion of the energy is contracting. The metal element embodies the crystals and mineral realm too. Metal natures enable the breath of life and connect to that experience to enable understanding of self-worth. Metal natures carry deep respect others and themselves. They are ambitious, focused and have clarity of thought; yet metal is a rigid structure, so can be unyielding, belligerent, powerful whilst being determined. The metal natures like minimalism, order, cleanliness and are well contained. They don't like to admit they can be controlling, a little too forceful and set in their ways. The good that comes from this is self-reliance although they tend to handle their problems alone. Their pride will stop them asking for help. Their inner sadness arrives in the form of grief which is offset by a huge amount of courage.

Water Nature

The idealist, philosopher, psychologist, thinker, innovator and entrepreneur
The stillness of the feminine energy that moves downwards is revealed in the conserving water nature. Water is filled with intelligence, adaptability and wisdom. Water is soft and yet fluid in motion yet can be incredibly powerful in terms of floods and storms.
Water natures reveal great resources in terms of tranquil energy, time, and financial ordering. There is a calm approach to financial handling which is neither misery or spontaneous in spending. Water is insightful, still, full of wisdom and rejuvenating which provides mental possibility that result in innovation. Great ideas come from calm tranquillity.

Depending on how the water nature responds to the world, they are usually a little eccentric, a bit reserved and very creative. They can come across as calculating, introverted and not that bothered. The thing is they are watching and evaluating because fear permeates their being yet calm tranquillity off-sets this.    


Wood natures

Adventurers, Pioneer,  strategists, directors and analysts.

The dominant energy here is  yang masculine where strength is combined with flexibility. The nature of wood unites generosity, idealism and leadership. The wood nature leads, takes charge and reveals a determined plan of action. The journey of wood seeks to grow, expand and establish its stability. Wood is sensual and evolving and demonstrates its prowess in spring time.

The nature of wood is assertive, direct and driven. They often have a temper, are outgoing, love socialising but a little insensitive. They do have a tendency to put their foot in it. The Wood natures suffer from the negative emotion anger which can be countered with kindness. One of their main virtues is their patience combined with altruism.

Well this was quite a finding for me. Of course this is not a definitive guide because we are all made up of all the elements. However; I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any comments please post below.

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  1. Great post...I pick up on your posts,
    from time to time through 'local profiles'.
    Always a good read...So, just a little comment!
    And...I promise to leave my soap~box where it is.
    Under the bed...
    Top question..easy to answer..I won't find myself
    in that situation in the first place. Why? Because
    l'm a leader..NOT a follower!
    I have a saying..I learnt in Psychology..Many moons
    "I'm not a control freak, l just happen to be a highly
    driven, focused, motivated, extraordinary and inspiring
    leader, and, yes, you may take time out to listen to my
    advice, and no, you may not do things your way".
    (Brilliant~~Love it). Oh! Not that it counts but l am a
    Virgo...! :).

    I'm gonna pop downstairs for another lemon tea...And back
    for another read...
    "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice".
    "You don't have to be a star to twinkle". :>).

    1. Willie thanks for your comment... It is nice to read your perspective, especially from a leadership point of view...