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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Money Farm Chapter 3

Money Farm



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The energetic financial flow of the system had stagnated and become stuck. Without flow, the blockage would contaminate and then break its own system.

Reality: the system was based on greed and the fear of lack. 

My decades of endless research had revealed that all the while the system continued with such mentality, debt increased, the poor grew poorer and the division of wealth escalated. An unknown few accumulated vast wealth from the demise of others. The ‘people’ ran on financial treadmills in order to survive in a society that had stopped caring. Selfishness was the order of the day. ‘Look out for number one while number two will stab you in the back'. Was it any wonder that everyone was out for themselves; their motivation was to be better than the next person – have more rather than be more. The ‘next person’ followed a genetic/family routine, and according to instilled family beliefs, they unintentionally conformed, unable to reach their true potential. Each set of limiting beliefs kept each and everyone ‘stuck’ in their situation and working to generate money simply to survive. All the while a deepening dissatisfaction filled their souls because as they continued to consume and live in a state of survival they could never reach their authentic state and make a significant contribution to the world. Survival out-ruled significance. People experienced a sense of pointlessness. Who they were as individuals was not valued, instead objects carried more value than their life. People began to live in a state of schizophrenia where who they appeared to be was a long distance from who they truly were.

Of course the research took me to the other end of the scale where the parasites sucked life from the system. They drank the tax-payers blood. Those workers had to work harder, faster and more because there was someone lined up to take their place. Those who worked to pay bill after bill pushed themselves into heart attacks to pay their exorbitant mortgages which were ever on the increase. Self-destruction was customary in the non-caring system. An ethos which perpetuated the need to keep running on that treadmill until it became too fast and threw you off. The system was not fair and the structure did not work. It just needed the people to pay attention rather than avoid it. The power of ten people united was greater than one hundred individuals working alone.

            All the while, the political puppetry kept repeating the ventriloquist’s deceptive words: ‘positive change will happen in the future.’ Everyone kept chasing the golden carrot; it could never be reached because it neither existed in the now or in the future. It was simply a 22 catch-the-carrot illusion! Of course the mass conformed in response to the feeding of repetitious fear. There was no faith in society, progression or hope. Change was needed and change originated from crisis. Was it any surprise the research was rejected?
Narration - Helen Lloyd - Kick A$$!
Really Great Narration - Brits and Aussies and Germans and more. Lovely voice to listen to and she even captured the rather robotic nature of the cult-like members of the Money Farm.

This is a really terrific book - and is it bad that for the majority of the book I was thinking "sign me up!" (or at least sign up one of my grand-kids and let me move into one of the retirement neighborhoods).

The Money's are all 'their best selves' due to the nutrition and fitness requirements along with a few other treatments along the way which are tailored to each individual and allow them to reach their full potential. All their needs are met, they have no debts, no worries, they are appreciated and they all live in really nice digs. (like I said...sign me up!)

It's a smartly written and thought provoking book of a Dystopian/Eutopian society where our heroine Jyllian finds her-self jobless with her savings running out. She ends up being selected to join the M.O.N.E.Y.'s as a "breaker" because of her intelligent & rebellious way of thinking. She is to challenge their systems and find ways to break them, all in the name of making them better.

The story follows her and a few other select characters through their introduction to Money, their training, their indoctrination and ultimately through their discovery of what Money's goals really are.

I can't really say much more without giving away too much, but I thought it was a really terrific book. It was hard for me to 'get into it' in the beginning, but I plan to listen to the start again.

It's smartly written and filled with intricate details about these two "worlds". Really an interesting book about the state of the worlds finances! Loved it! I'm actually stunned that I'm only the second review of this book on Goodreads. READ or LISTEN to it! It's a keeper!

I received a copy of this audiobook free of charge from Audiobookblast in exchange for an unbiased review.

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