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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Money Farm Chapter 4


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When something breaks it can be rebuilt, better and stronger.
When one denies something is broken it will remain broken.
I spent hours consumed in thought and observing the financial system during the years leading up to the first and second collapses, demonstrations were rife, but unfortunately no alternative systems were offered. The small fires were put out but the inferno beyond was concealed. The talkers talked at and about the system but there was no evidential action. Figures were modified prior to elections, new currencies were introduced and debt as the debt solution continued. Society remained focused on that which did not work, so much so, a new way remained elusive. People were in debt, banks were in debt and sovereigns were in debt. Mass debt and mass denial. Keep the façade, maintain a smile and never disclose your wealth or lack of it for one could be shamed.
Obviously it dawned on me: the reality was that the world needed to understand what worked and increase that instead of focusing and repeating that which did not work. For change to happen the fragments of society needed to unite and work together. They needed to accept one another’s differences and celebrate a variety of thought. Rather than work against each other, they had to move as one – the swarm mentality. Effective change could take place quickly once the swarm formed and motioned in unison. All the while the swarm was unaware of itself and its potential; instead, bees stung bees and fragments financially combusted.
Another revelation came to me: leadership was not management. The mass were being managed rather than led. Where was the visionary who could see the potential in the mass, their minds and their potential unity? Whoever it was remained hidden, maybe they were mad amongst the mass mania. Maybe the one who sees the truth was labelled as the oddity. Needless to say, the lack of information and leadership stopped positive action taking place and fear stopped people uniting through the fear of difference. Imagine if people stopped fearing each other and united and connected. That would be a disaster for the rulers because they would have lost control generated by fear and the repetitious false message clearly recommended in The Prince written by Machiavelli. Positive change could not take place until people united in their hearts, minds and souls. A united connection between all souls and all people could transform the world into a state of paradise. It was just that people were so consumed in survival that they had not seen the vision of absolute potential. Positive enthusiasm was needed to connect the individuals in a common purpose and cause.
Narration - Helen Lloyd - Kick A$$!
Really Great Narration - Brits and Aussies and Germans and more. Lovely voice to listen to and she even captured the rather robotic nature of the cult-like members of the Money Farm.

This is a really terrific book - and is it bad that for the majority of the book I was thinking "sign me up!" (or at least sign up one of my grand-kids and let me move into one of the retirement neighborhoods).

The Money's are all 'their best selves' due to the nutrition and fitness requirements along with a few other treatments along the way which are tailored to each individual and allow them to reach their full potential. All their needs are met, they have no debts, no worries, they are appreciated and they all live in really nice digs. (like I said...sign me up!)

It's a smartly written and thought provoking book of a Dystopian/Eutopian society where our heroine Jyllian finds her-self jobless with her savings running out. She ends up being selected to join the M.O.N.E.Y.'s as a "breaker" because of her intelligent & rebellious way of thinking. She is to challenge their systems and find ways to break them, all in the name of making them better.

The story follows her and a few other select characters through their introduction to Money, their training, their indoctrination and ultimately through their discovery of what Money's goals really are.

I can't really say much more without giving away too much, but I thought it was a really terrific book. It was hard for me to 'get into it' in the beginning, but I plan to listen to the start again.

It's smartly written and filled with intricate details about these two "worlds". Really an interesting book about the state of the worlds finances! Loved it! I'm actually stunned that I'm only the second review of this book on Goodreads. READ or LISTEN to it! It's a keeper!

I received a copy of this audiobook free of charge from Audiobookblast in exchange for an unbiased review.

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