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Monday, 21 September 2015

Love Week - Love Hunt Chapter 2







15th December 

Good morning Gracie.

How was your weekend? Did you join that dating website that I suggested? The one with all rich men? I know you thought about going on the free one but why end up with poor man with hundred kids and divorce issues? That no fun!


Morning Eva, my weekend was brilliant. It was hilarious. Yesterday evening I was part of the festival of light. The rowing club decorated a four-person boat with lots of white lights and Christmas trees. A women's rowing team, dressed as snow women, rowed up and down the quay in the dark. We sang jingle bells at the top of our lungs. While we were waiting for the parade, we had mince pies, mulled wine and chocolates in the boat. I don’t know whether physically rowing a boat whilst a being a little tiddly is advisable but it was all okay in the end because we won!  I have a lovely gold medal for all that rowing and lighting effort. It was such an illuminating evening and we laughed so hard that two of us caught crabs with our oars and almost capsized us. When we were awarded our medals, we did a huge celebratory dance whilst decorated in lights. It was quite a sight!  This is what life is about! Having great fun with pals, drinking mulled wine and winning light competitions.



Hello Gracie,

You have such adventures with rowing team. We must discuss that you must make time for man too – you always busy having fun and adventure.  We Russian women prioritise men. Your priority is growing muscle and rowing a boat! Next you will try to grow beard to compete with man. Bearded women are not attractive even when in circus! You must remember to wear dress and be feminine. Remember what we said – attract men through being feminine – no more wrestling, showing bicep or competing with man. Be elegant and graceful – you did promise – remember?


Last night I had lovely dinner with Italian lady neighbour. We talked about Russia and Italy. I miss home when we talk about it. I made good garlic stew. Lucky new love was not there because would stink him out. It is not nice for new man to breathe in stink at beginning of relationship. I will save that for later. I am still happy with new man – I like him lots and as I said I found him on the rich man site. Try it. Rich men will treat you well! Just be the woman you are Gracie!

Anything else nice happening?



Hello Eva, yes I am working on being feminine. I have since given up body slamming men to gain dates. Although the hottest man I ever dated resulted from a rugby tackle that took him to the sand on a surf beach. Brilliant! What’s more, he asked me out straight away. The shock tactic does work but that was fifteen years ago when I was twenty-one. If I did that to a forty-year-old man now they would probably have a heart attack!


That date was amazing too. I was late for the date and ended up climbing an eight-foot wall to get into the pub after closing time. It all went a little wrong when I fell. A nail saved me from physical harm when my skirt caught on it. How lucky was that? I literally hung from the wall by my skirt until my weight ripped it. That is how you make an impression on a crowded pub garden! Have you ever had a whole pub garden stop what they are doing and stare at you? A tremendous rip that resembled the sound of an almighty raspberry from a whoopee cushion broke the silence! No wonder everyone looked over. The bouncers noticed the commotion and escorted me out. That was when my date came and saved me. It turned out he worked as a bouncer at that pub! Phew! Later that evening we went for a star-lit walk on the headland. To make it even more memorable, a stag night ran past wearing nothing but gold thongs! What a date!


So back to being feminine - Sunday is a good example of the feminine attitude working. I looked pretty, wore a dress and no sports clothes at all, not even socks. I sat editing in a Café when a rather cool looking band came on. You know the type - young men with long fringes. They always flick them in slow motion too. While they played, I re-wrote and quietly typed. The music was good, so I bought a C.D and they signed it. The lead singer came over and had a little chat – it turns out he was quite famous. He was beautiful, tanned, with sparkling blue eyes and one of those smiles, which made me miss my mouth with cake. You know I never know who is famous or the next big thing because I don’t actually care – oops! Anyway, he asked me if he could use me as inspiration… I hope he is not going to write a song called ‘she missed her mouth with carrot cake.’ At the end of the conversation, he asked me to contact him through Facebook. He was lovely – but very young! Still it was nice to receive attention without trying. I know what you will say - the dress did it! I think feeling pretty and girlie sends out a certain signal. I guess when I am wearing sportswear I look like someone to compete with rather than ‘womanly’. When I wear feminine clothing, I come across as more open and feminine. Well who knows?


Oh talking of cake – I saw the ‘Ghost of diet hell past’ in the park. Do you remember me telling you that I gained three stone when I started taking the pill four years ago? I thought I had a thyroid problem because the weight piled on in three months when I had not changed my diet. It turns out that the pill simply made me swell and look pregnant. That moment on the bus, when the old woman placed her hands on my stomach and said isn’t pregnancy beautiful, was hideous! I responded ‘that isn’t a baby – it is trapped wind! You can deliver that if you want!’ I know that is cruel but I felt publically violated. Why do the people believe they have the right to touch you when you are pregnant – even if you are not! Admittedly, that pill certainly worked as an anti-pregnancy deterrent – no man went near me for a year. It is amazing how men treat you differently when you are large in comparison to lean. As soon as I lost the weight – men gave me ‘that look’ and began holding doors open for me. That is why I understand how Abdi feels. It is a horrible being the funny fat one until you lose the weight and no one knows how to stereotype you anymore.


Anyway three years ago I joined the diet club from hell where everyone starved for four months. They waved food in front of us and told us that it would make us fat. Well one of the women I call ‘the Ghost of diet club hell’ is haunting me. She originally lost six stone but now she fights every day to maintain her weight but it’s obviously not working. She ran past me last week and called ‘I only gained ten pounds so far in a year.’


Then I saw her in the park again. She found me hiding behind a tree pretending to talk on my mobile phone. “Well I am not going to give up wine or cheese to be thin...” That was all she said before she ran off. She really is bizarre – I understand her struggle but she seems to view me as some kind of confessional instrument. I saw her at work the other day. She was in the queue for the shop buying a chocolate bar. When she turned and saw me, she threw it over her shoulder. Is she mad, obsessed or just weird? Maybe she is all three; however, I realise when I see her I have to pay attention to my own eating and exercise. You know what? I just don’t know what to do with her – should I just say that I really couldn’t give a monkeys if she eats chocolate and that I am not checking up on her... alternatively, just leave her to turn up randomly in the most awkward situations. She can continue to tell people she knows me from the days when I was a fatty.



Hello Gracie,

Woman with hand on belly thinking you were pregnant is very awkward situation. She must have felt very bad when you said you were not pregnant. As for ghost of diet hell past – it must be hard for her to see you keep your weight off. From her perspective, it must seem easy for you. Did you tell her that you go to gym five times per week and row? I am sure you did not... You probably just look at her with the Gracie look of ‘how you say – horror’. Poor woman feel guilt about eating when she see you. So many women have same issue. I am lucky because I have Russian genetic that keep me slim with pert breast... Other women have to pay for surgery. Lucky, genetically glamorous me - La, la, laaaaaaa! So what of dating site? I notice you avoid answering question. You can be good at that!



Hello Eva,

Okay so I admit it – I joined that bloody dating website that you met your chap on… I fought myself for a whole hour because I just think it is a sad state of affairs that we spend time online to find a man. I like being out and about meeting people, not at a computer! Whatever happened to having shared interests? The funny thing is I went on that site last year for a whole day but soon grew bored with it. Most of the men on there were too old and annoying or completely up their own bottoms. Admittedly, I was not ready then and I could not really be bothered. Also, I had no evidence that something good could come from joining such a site until you told me that you met your man there.  You know what? I have now heard of two success stories: you and a friend of a friend married a chap from there.


I will try again for one month. If there is one decent one then there has to be more - surely it must be some law of averages or something. The thing is, from what I can gather, the women on the site reveal lots of flesh and the men on there are flashing their cash. So essentially, they are both flashing something! A weird mating rights demonstration or something.


When I made my initial search, I actually felt a tingle of excitement because businessmen, entrepreneurs and executive types showed up. I feel that type of man will be the best category to go for and most likely to suit me too. What’s more, I can learn how they made their money whilst surveying them for potential relationship material. Now get this – as soon as I put up my picture an influx of men approached who were twenty years older! What’s more, during their initial contact some of them made massive demands! They expected women to be intellectual, look like a model and have loads of free time to spend fanning them and feeding them grapes. I understand that these men are the elite because they ‘say’ they have money and executive jobs. Really? This is the internet – a source of true bullshit and fantastical creations of falsified persona! In addition, after all these demands, what are they planning to give?


I skimmed through the first ten emails and laughed aloud. From what I can gather is that these men offer to pay for meals (that skinny women can’t eat anyway) in exchange for sex (they suggest that very eloquently). After reading numerous male demand lists, I had a look at some of the other women’s profiles - talk about fleshy boob-fest! Oh and of course, they all want to be treated like a princess (how original).  So in exchange for a nice dinner they provide sex. Isn’t that deferred prostitution? What a strange world we live in! A world full of men who desire titty-fied women with model looks, conversational ability, general contortion and a multitude of languages. Yet, those same men have a mass of hair growing from their nostrils and ears. My fixation with facial strimming is rising again! Why has no one ever told them about nostril hair maintenance? Why do women always have to look good, smell nice and be fabulous when men can resemble runts as long as they have money? There is something very unfair about that! Admittedly, I have not worked out who is taking advantage of whom. Is the woman sexually calculating and manipulative whilst the man is cash-flash happy which enables the receipt of sexual favours? I have decided: no wealthy sausage hiding in exchange for expensive dinners!


Rant over – I am not interested in their money – just their intellect. Hello... I fancy your brain as long as there is not erroneous hair poking from facial orifices! Imagine saying that to someone! Wouldn’t it just be nice to meet an intelligent and successful man whilst learning about their approach to success in life? I will make sure that they know I have my own career. It would just be nice to meet an educated and humorous man who treats women with respect and kindness. How difficult can that be? Maybe we shouldn’t answer that! It has to be easy.


So what about you?

Are you still loved up?

Are you still floating in the romantic love cloud or is there a rancid smog developing?



Oh Gracie…You are always the same. You are always analysing and finding details – that is why you are so good at your job! Ha, I knew you would go on the website. Yes, it is full of wealthy men but you will have to learn to filter them. Some are just old perverts wanting to buy younger woman. Others are okay though… I did well. If you want the top quality, you have to be something special yourself. The bosom women use assets to hypnotise men into giving them money. Both man and woman are as bad as each other. The exchange is fair because they both get what they want.


I had a look at the competition. Not so many nice ones there – some look like whores and escorts, they probably are. I hope you have written nice profile with nice picture. Not one of your – I have conquered the world routines! Remember these men are all about their ego. You cannot have done more or be more. You must remember that. Can I read profile – then tell you what I think?


Oh and the rowing sounds like great fun. I did not mean ‘to make it sound bad?’ You have a meda l- so you must be happy. Are you in the Christmas spirit now? Sounds like you had great rehearsal for it. Talking of singers, will you contact the singer? He might write you song because you are his inspiration. Then you get to be famous – a muse. Eva


Oh dear Eva,

Do I really come across like a world conquering dominatrix with a huge ego? Okay I guess that is a fair description... I accept it. Okay, so this is my profile – it will probably not attract anyone decent.


If you really wish to meet someone unique, who is fit, healthy, accomplished and has travelled the world – then here I am. Of course, the pictures are your decision maker so I doubt you will read the full profile. What I write next is completely irrelevant but feel the need to hit my literary quota:


My male colleagues call me the Amazonian because I am just less than six foot and have a tendency to wrestle them to the ground during team meetings. It is a general pasttime within my office dynamic and somewhat survival of the fittest. Talking of fit, I like my man to be able to run three miles over sand without collapsing and will survive me falling on him from a height. Death on a date is not attractive – so if it is likely please do not contact me.


You may notice that I have a very dry sense of humour. I laugh at my own jokes too. They are really rather brilliant. Should you have the balls to contact me and go on a date then you will experience a rather amusing evening filled with wit, fun and general banter.


Oh, and those chaps out there that are married and looking for mistresses, thank you for the offer but – no thanks... So, as I said before – if you have balls and are looking for a challenge then here I am! What do you think Eva?



Hello Gracie,

You actually post this on website for rich man? I am amazed. Have any approached you? I do not wish to be rude but if no man contact – you make nice girly profile. Be sweet and nice. I will show you mine.



Hello Eva,

Yes, there have been numerous amused contacts – in fact, there have been thirty-two so far. I have not managed to sift through them all yet because nothing original has jumped out at me. In general, they all look old and boring. They all write about how hard they work and how much money they have. That is just the first few days though. When you went on the site, did you tell them you were Russian? What kind of pictures did you put up?




You always have lots of man approach on first few days – you are new meat on site. They will all rush – something new and fresh! I said in my profile about being a classy lady. I prefer to visit spas, have good conversation and that I am looking for relationship. I put up pictures of me in summer dress on beach looking romantic and beautiful. I look very good, fresh and fit. Between you and me – I said I was thirty-seven. No one will know. Men lose interest when woman says she is over forty or you get men in seventies thinking you want them. No thank you – I am not nurse type! I think all the other women are doing it. A rich man will not be interested in a forty four year old, no matter how good she looks. When I said I was forty-four an old man of eighty asked me for date... That makes an attractive Russian woman feel sad! They all want young woman... Youth is what money buys for these men. What about young man who play music? He has balls to come and talk! I like him...


Here is my profile:

Classy Russian lady moved to England four years ago. She has good job and education. She is looking for dignified man to spend time in luxury. I love good restaurants, spa and pampering. I take care of myself physically and with beauty. I love to travel, visit new places and have conversation about philosophy.  I hope you will enjoy this and contact me for good conversations and many nice times. My favourite holiday destinations are exotic or Italy.



Hello Eva,

You know what? You are right; I might contact the chap from the band… He seemed lovely but ten years younger than me… Could it be possible that I am turning into a cougar? Remember the twenty-one year old who asked me to ravish him and teach him everything I know about sex. What is it with them? Oh and the young male rowers have started calling me MILF (Mother I would like to F***) without the kid. They just sit grinning at me with those teenage pervacious eyes!


So what else happened with you? What does your new man make of your Russian-ness? Have you broken into naked cossack dancing yet? Or provided him with some of that extremely strong vodka?



Oh Gracie,

I had fantastic time also. We went to a restaurant on Friday, which was disaster, food was not nice and the band was awful, but never mind is all experience. Second date went very very well!


The rest of weekend was very relaxing - lots of lying in bed being lazy and drinking vodka. We are very loved up, is growing into something special.



Oh, Eva that is good news! It is only your second date and all that is going on? I was under the impression that you had had more dates than that. Well… that sounds lovely. Erm... very romantic - a crap restaurant and a crap band – brilliant. I bet it didn’t matter because you were gazing all intently at your new man. I know what you are like. Oh, a new Thai restaurant has opened up in The Triangle – that might be somewhere to take him if he likes Thai food.


I have just contacted the singer on Facebook. The thing is I have just over three weeks until Miami…  It’s not as if anything can happen and he is only young.


Oh, I will send you my new book cover. Tell me what you think – the honest truth. I have finished the book – now I just have to prepare the manuscript for publishing. I really do love this book. It has been so much fun to write. We will see what happens!  In the meantime, please let me work with more financial formulas. Oh yes, I really want to measure your metrics... I do love my job... Although, how many spreadsheets does a girl have to endure in a day?


You know what? I am happy with my rowing club – it is like a family there. They are such characters and we always spend our time laughing… I just love it! Hurrrrah!


Oh and you will love this – really love this. One of the first chaps to contact me, aged fifty-three, said the following with all his pompousness: Are you ready? This is how he starts his email:


I am clever than you, richer than you and funnier than you. I think you should know that before we commence any form of communication.


Can you imagine someone makes contact and puts you down? Is that supposed to ‘wow’ me? Am I supposed to say oh goodness I would love to date you – maybe you can do a monologue about how great you are! What’s more, he looks fat with receding hairline. He is fifty-three for goodness sake! What kind of excitement is there with that? All I can imagine is grey hair protruding from his nostrils, ear strimmers and back hair….


Here is his profile: I come from a traditional public school and a top university educated background. Many would view me as part of the elite. I am somewhat of an English gent who loves books, films and nurtures dormant desires to move to Europe – France and Italy are at the top of the list. If I do not move, I at least intend to spend more time there. In terms of wealth – I am loaded and invest in property. I have numerous flats that I let out. Money pours into my numerous bank accounts; so much so, I don’t need to try anymore.


In addition to the above, I am an accomplished author of literary fiction. I released my first book last year with another due next year. My background is old upper-middle class and you would have to be comfortable with that. I prefer women who pronounce their T and do not use the word ain’t. I am looking for someone who shares, or would accommodate my interests. I expect you to be university educated as a minimum requirement. I would prefer you to speak a number of foreign languages with some level of fluency or be willing to take classes. I know some might regard this suggestion as unrealistic: but I am also hoping to find someone still young enough to produce a family. I am six foot one with a medium build, so I am better suited to the taller type of girl of over five foot eight. I also take values seriously and my moral comfort zone would prefer someone who has had fewer than ten sexual partners. Obviously if you are a virgin that would be even better – but I doubt there are many left in the world. If you meet this criterion then do contact me and I will filter accordingly.

Oh Eva!!! All I can say is what a spack! Alternatively, maybe a twaT with emphasis on the T. Why? Whyyyyyyyyy? Oh God whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy? I am slightly distraught. Of all the flesh flashing females on the site – why did he have to pick me – the one who flashes nothing and quite clearly is not up for a rich idiot approach!




Oh Gracie,

Sorry I did not reply – day ended and I wanted to go home.

I am shaking my head at desk... I can see your face now... I can imagine the frown and you make mutter, ‘Right Mister – you are going to get it!’ So what have you done? Surely, you could just meet him just to see what he is like. He might be nice in real life. A real English gentleman! One word of advice – don’t be all feministic and how you say bushy? You want to meet good quality men then give these men a chance.



Dear Eva,

I think you mean bolshie and not bushy. Although maybe bushy would be good – it can mean incredibly hairy in the genital region. The kind of woman who has never waxed and has the Black Forest growing from her stomach to her knees. Anyway, it is too late. I do not have to tolerate their crap because the power dynamic is financially equal! I am not on there to accept such insults in exchange for dinner paid for by a fat old fart! I have my own money, which gives me power and no need! So I went back to him and said


‘thank you for advising me that you are cleverer, funnier and wealthier than me – with that in mind you win but you also lose because why would I wish to spend time with someone who chooses to put me down? I have more self-respect than that! Surely, you should be admiring me for who I am and not competing with me. In the meantime, I will continue to laugh at my own jokes because they are brilliant! In addition, in terms of your demands of a woman – I believe unrealistic may well be an understatement. Good luck with your search! I hope you find a multi-lingual blow up doll!’


Not such kind regards because I found your approach insulting and it crossed my tolerance boundaries.



Hello Gracie,

Your reply was –how you say? - OUT OF ORDER. This website is not about war. You did not have to reply to him and this is not competition. You need to learn to be nice, kind, and feminine. Be polite and female in your approach. You will bruise his ego and that is unkind. Woman should not be unkind Gracie... He might have been idiot but telling him to find multi-lingual blow up doll is not good for any man and you do sound a bit mad. That is truth!



Hello Eva, I do adore you but respect is a major thing for me. So what if I kicked his egotistical balls? That arrogant ego deserved it. I bet no woman has ever said anything like that to him before. That is the problem – women take crap because they are after money and financial security. The chaps get away with such behaviour and learn that treating people like that is okay. In my opinion, such disrespect is not acceptable and I will always tell them. It isn’t as if I plan to meet someone like that anyway! Surely someone needs to tell them otherwise they just keep doing it.


What I found fascinating is that he actually replied and attempted to wow me with his intellect – he even wrote in Greek and Latin… I am sure he has a shrivelled penis and spends his life sitting on a self-made throne.  You know there are wealthy men and there are idiots with money. I am of the belief that there are three types of wealth. The first is where natural talent is combined with creativity – a connection to the ‘source’ where the individual wishes to contribute to the greater good of humanity. That type of person generates a by-product of money because they give full passion to the cause they focus on.


Another type of wealth is the egotistical ‘I am special’ type. This type of wealth reveals a type of person who felt inadequate when they were young. They then aspire to be rich to prove people wrong and use money as power over others. Finally, there is family wealth: where wealth passes through generations. In my opinion, this type of wealth is maintained because the individual’s unconscious accepts wealth as the normal. I am sure this all ties in with unconscious belief systems. You know what? I am glad I am doing this. This really is a project. I actually now desire to understand wealth and how people become extremely rich. I wonder whether there is a pattern or some kind of system. Anyway, there are people with wealth and idiots with wealth. This one falls into my newly invented Alternatively, Wealthy and Oblivious to there are bound to be a few rich idiots turning up during this dating experiment. I now have to shift my perspective. I will view this as a social experiment and entertainment. If these chaps are spacks, we will call them for our own amusement! What do you think? Oh, he is a! Ha!


Incidentally, are you looking forward to Thailand?



Afternoon Gracie,

I like I like theories too. Good theories are proven only by making dates. We can use with all type of rich idiot. Lovely! La! La! La! Ohhhhh - this working day is going sooo slowly. At least we have rich idiots to distract us and now to entertain us during mundane working hours. Girl sitting next to me moaning and moaning again. Her life is so dull yet she does not change anything so she moans. At lunch time she sit and moan at husband down phone. Why he marry her? I have no understanding. Everyone moves away from her because all we hear is why everything is so bad! I sit here reading email laughing and laughing. My life is good and Oscar sending me love letters. Very happy and heart is warm inside!


Is lovely when you find someone you love and like spending time. You have somewhere that you love spending so much time – I am talking about the rowing not Thailand.


You send me book picture but my phone is not accepting it. I guess there is also picture of you dressed as a snow queen.


Shall we do Le Cafe next Thursday then? You must show me your profile pictures. I cannot believe what you have written. You do not come across as you – instead you seem a little bit scary... Yet the rich men seem to like you. Put nice profile on when emails calm. I am still laughing about what you said about the old man. Imagine attracting type of man who says he is clever than you and funnier than you when he has not met you. Is this man stand-up comedian? No - I doubt it and definitely have shrivel in his penis. It is probably trying to escape bad joke and big ego! Or maybe penis squashed by ego. Maybe he no remembers where penis is... Lost penis – oh dear!



Hello lovely Eva, I am glad your heart is warm and that you are happy. Deadlines looming so have to be quick. Do you want to do Le Café or Italian? See if we can get a voucher…



Hello Gracie,

Have deadlines too. Must work hard now too.

There is only an hour to go until work end.

Here is something new for discussion:

To be able to change yourself in relationship – should you change in relationship and what if relationship change you?

I have learned things about myself I never knew I did. Have to work on them - is hard.

We always think they will change, but have to change ourselves if want to be with someone.



I am wearing new dress today. Moaner is jealous – I look sexy and she look like grey knicker washing. Oh did I say that? Not nice – woman should be kind and nice. Sometimes Gracie I can be big bitch. Moaner is making lemon-sucking noise. She is trying to get more attention.




What are you like? With one hour to go and you open up a discussion like that! Well you can only change yourself. Others have to choose to change. The majority of the time we are not aware of ourselves… What’s more, most people can see our weaknesses - no matter how hard we try to hide them… We just think they don’t notice.

Relationships are the best opportunity to learn about you! Yet both parties have to accept the entirety of the other person – both the good and the bad.

So Le Café or Italian?



Yes, you are right Gracie. Twenty minutes left!!! Relationship is where you see yourself the most. Is what I find out. I can’t go on about it but I have to try to change. I have some very annoying habit. I leave lipstick on all glass. Sometimes I get lipstick on teeth and smile and smile. This is not classy state to be in and Oscar getting very annoyed at red teeth. He calls me Russian vampire. I also get red at side of lips from drinking red wine. He said I look joker from bat film. Maybe he is right. My man is so lovely and so sweat.

I fancy Italian food.


Talk tomorrow morning…. and make profile nicer. Be nice – not all big and angry. People who work with you know the lovely you and love you for it.  Gracie you are not all big and strong but caring and nice! That is the real you... Must show nice side! That is my advice - now listen to me and make action!



Hello Eva, if you are there. I think you meant sweet and not sweat. There is quite a difference. Sweat means your body is pouring out water. Sweet means nice. I am on a leadership course for the next couple of days... so won’t be able to write emails.  In addition, I don’t think you have to make changes. I think you are good enough as you are. If you feel bad about the vampire comments, I suggest you eat more garlic to prove you are not a Russian vampire! Ha!




Come on admit it - as much as we deny it - we ladies like a good love hunt.
We have tick lists, ideals, and we hunt in high-heeled packs. Of course, we're all hunting for that elusive right man who ticks every box and even has tidy nostril hair. Okay maybe not you, but you know other ladies who love the hunt.
Well, it's time for Eva and Gracie to love hunt, and their "targets" are rich men - the golden sperm. Such exciting escapades would provide the pair with entertaining discussions during their dull office hours - or so they thought. What they did not anticipate was the discovery of the "booby man"; humorous but very hard truths about wealth, themselves, power; and the phenomenon.
The question remains: can love really be hunted?





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