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Sunday, 20 September 2015

Love Week in Celebration of Love Hunt

Love Week


This week will be a love week. I will post a chapter each day of Love Hunt to celebrate its release. Let me tell you how love hunt came to be... Well, there was a colleague of mine, who happened to be Russian, who was in pursuit of a rich man. She was doing everything she could to find a wealthy man to save her from her impending debt. She was a beautiful woman, somewhat cunning and definitely able to display her womanliness in such a way that the men in the office would adopt the expression of slightly confused, definitely happy and a little sausagely stimulated.

At the same time I was dating and we would have conversations about dates and find it hilarious. Then of course, the standard line came out from the married contingency on the team - YOU SHOULD WRITE A BOOK ABOUT YOUR DATES. Personally I thought it was obvious but decided that I could write and record the dates from an objective perspective. Eva (not her real name), in the book, was always coming up with ways to date rich men and lived a secret life. I liked this whole idea of her flying to Monaco of a weekend and being back in the office strutting around. So I said to her would she like to write a book with me about the escapades and her answer was 'darling I don't have time to write when I am out there living.' So I took it upon myself to create something that had me crying laughing. I know that is weird but why write something that bores you when you can belly laugh at your own jokes. That may well be part of why I managed to maintain singledom for a number of years. Why would you need to be with someone when you find yourself hilarious... Anyway I won't ruin the story; however, I am currently editing the third Love Hunt and am loving it. I find it amazing what people will endure in the pursuit of love. Should you decide to read the books you will see what I mean:)
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Come on admit it - as much as we deny it - we ladies like a good love hunt.
We have tick lists, ideals, and we hunt in high-heeled packs. Of course, we're all hunting for that elusive right man who ticks every box and even has tidy nostril hair. Okay maybe not you, but you know other ladies who love the hunt.
Well, it's time for Eva and Gracie to love hunt, and their "targets" are rich men - the golden sperm. Such exciting escapades would provide the pair with entertaining discussions during their dull office hours - or so they thought. What they did not anticipate was the discovery of the "booby man"; humorous but very hard truths about wealth, themselves, power; and the phenomenon.
The question remains: can love really be hunted?


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