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Friday, 26 August 2016

Dinosaur distraction and the art of focus!

There are not many people who can use a dinosaur as an excuse to be distracted from writing or an excuse for procrastination; however, I have evidence. After releasing Elora, The One-Winged- Fairy, I thought I would move straight into editing the next book in the line. I have to admit it is such a pleasure being on garden leave because I have the time to complete and release my backlog of books before moving into my new career.  As much as I enjoy being able to edit at home, sitting in a cafĂ© watching the world for inspiration is a nice way in which to progress the next works.

So there I am in deep thought, and somewhat amused by the fact I wrote a book about a blooming fairy, I look up and there we have it: a dinosaur in the shopping arcade. Of course people would assume it is an over-active imagination. I guess people have been sectioned for less. Imagine all those children who would say to their parents - look there is a dinosaur shopping and their parents would dismiss it as 'the imaginary friend syndrome gone prehistoric!' Admittedly it is random to witness such a phenomenon. Is it a sign? Maybe I will write a book about dinosaurs next... I certainly had not planned on writing a fairy book. I hope I don't get creatively 'haunted' by a Tyrannosaurus Rex! Imagine waking up in the night to a phantom dinosaur saying 'you must write about me!' In that half-awake state herds of dinosaurs buying hats to protect them from the sun pop up all over the bedroom... I won't go off on a creative rant; however, ideas come from everywhere and this just shows that sometimes you just have to look up from the laptop to have inspiration arrive.


A fantasy fairy fiction novel for girls aged 8 and older...

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