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Sunday, 26 June 2016

When the Reviews roll in...

When The Reviews Roll In...
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Imagine working for years on a book and then finally it is ready to be released to the world. All that love and attention, all those hours of work have finally culminated in your creation and now... and yes now.... oh God you have to release it to the world. That moment for many authors is what makes them stick. All their fears and sense of it not being good enough rise to the surface. The tormenting feelings of doubt gnaw away at their stomachs. They justify not releasing it to the world and then imagine the worst: a top critic destroys their creation in a public humiliation. That feeling can be likened to being found sitting naked on a toilet in a public place...
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So my author and reader friends there is a moment where that book has to be released into the world. There will be critics, not everyone is going to love it and who cares? The point is your creation exists and there will be people who are touched by your work. There will be those who love it and there will be those who think it is awful. The point is once you have created your work free it like a dove and let the world find you. Reviews will come in, some will be good and some will be terrible. You can't change that. My advice is do not dwell on the terrible reviews, instead get on and write your next book. The way that I look at it is that if someone takes the time to write a terrible review then at least you have 'touched' them in some sense.
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The other advice I would give is that do not dwell on negative feedback. Take it objectively and consider what is said and then ask whether you can use it to improve. That is the most positive way to transform any form of negativity. Grow a flower from the shyte....

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So far this week I have had two five star reviews and of course that has put a smile on my face. In the next couple of weeks the reviewers will get hold of The Hairy Legged Mystery and Tingle Dingle and The Little Mischiefs. When I first put myself out there, around six years ago, I was a nervous wreck... like all things you become used to it. The more books your write, the less you are affected by reviews because you have moved on to the next one...




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