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Monday, 28 March 2016

Synchronicity... Life Really Is Fascinating...

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Have you ever had one of those moments where you literally step into the 'flow' of life? Where the strangest things happen in perfect timing. You say something and then a few seconds later what you have said appears before your eyes? The long weekend has been like that for me. A couple of my friends were literally astounded. I was walking along with two friends talking about Glasgow in Scotland, that is 456 miles from where I live. A second later a Glasweigen chap walked past and started playing the guitar as he walked backwards. He sang about being a Glasweigen, took a bow and then toddled off. There were no other people around my friends and I at the time. We could not believe it and laughed so hard because it was so surreal.

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Well the weekend continued in this manner: I mentioned to my brother that I wondered whether my bestfriend was back from holiday and a second later she text. He just looked bemused because I had just mention the synchronicity conversation too. I also have a chap at work who I have a laugh with. We think we are living in the Truman show. He works in a different department and basically no matter what time I decide to go for a break or lunch I will physically collide with him. We find it bizarre and hilarious. We have decided we have psychic bladders. Well I was telling my two friends about this situation and one of them said well next you will see him out of work... After I left my friends I was on the way back to my car and stopped off at a coffee shop. As I left the coffee shop - yes you guessed it - I collided with him. We could not believe it and found it astounding. I said I am going to have to check behind me all the time from now on.

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Of course these situations got me thinking because a lot of years ago I wrote a book (Labyrinthine) about synchronicity and timings. An androgenous being called a 'Connector' linked timings for people's lives and their fate. Unfortunately people started using their will to defy death, which caused tremors in the field. Those death defying people created numerous repercussions for other people's lives. This book came out on audio this year and one reviewer gave it a 1 star rating which did not do much for sales, as you can imagine.  After that I accepted that maybe people were not into synchronicity and that synchronicity itself did not want the world to read about it. I accepted defeat, did not take it personally and carried on writing my next books. Over the last year I did not think that much about synchronicity. Instead I had been heavily involved in work and 'making' things happen with my books. I was 'forcing' and 'willing'. I don't know about you but I am impatient and want everything now. This whole allowing things to unfold actually bored me... I know - naughty. I just don't see the point of waiting around for things to take place. Instead I prefer to go out there and get them.

HERE IS THE LINK TO LABYRINTHINE ON AUDIO. If you want to read a really rubbish review then please enjoy it:  

The above all ties in with a conversation I had with one of my friends on Friday. She is quite wafty and very 'connected' to life. She is amazing at creating things without even trying. She said to me that I was constantly planting seeds and digging them back up to see if they were growing. Admittedly she is right. She said it is time to just leave the seeds to germinate and allow life to show you when you are in the flow.... And guess what? This weekend was filled with all the lovely things that she talked about. However, the question arises then if these things just come to you - then why do you need to do anything?
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If you have any answers I will be interested to hear your perspective:)

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