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Sunday, 7 February 2016


Finding Satisfaction

The quickest way to lead yourself into dissatisfaction is to make comparison. If you think about it, all of us are unique and not one of us is the same so what is the point of making comparison?
One of my friends is working on her ‘grudges’ against people who have more than her. It has been an interesting insight into how she sees things. It seems that what makes her angry is those people who have miraculously large amounts of money arrive in their bank accounts as if by magic. Or people that get free luxury holidays. Obviously from the outside it is relatively amusing watching someone go red in the face over the fact that a friend has been given a free luxury holiday in Australia or Dubai; however, it did get me thinking. Why can’t people be happy for other people’s good? What is the point of jealousy? All of it is a waste of time and energy. When you are throwing yourself into aggravation over someone else’s good then you are not working on your own. I shared this with my friend and asked whether she could compare a bamboo to an oak or a tulip to a rose. She seemed bemused at first and then she realised what I was saying. There is no comparison; what’s more, there will always be someone richer, prettier, fitter, stronger, cleverer – so why are you comparing to them? You are unique and you have your own things that people are comparing to.
For me dissatisfaction is a sad experience, one that I have been working on for a while. It is learning what is it that makes a person feel dissatisfied and why? I realised I was causing my own dissatisfaction by comparing myself to some of the literary greats or the world’s most successful people (quite clearly I may have aspirations of grandeur) and through doing this I was ensuring that I felt bad. The thing is have you noticed that one is more likely to compare to people who have more than you rather than those who have less? Those who have less would be more than grateful for what you have? So how I combatted the comparison / dissatisfaction issue was to really focus on my stuff and when I caught that little voice in my head making comparison, I watched what it was saying and asked myself where the voice had originated. It is fascinating what the inner commentary tells you and what it drives you to do. It is almost manipulative ‘you will only be good enough when…’ 'If you do so and so... have so and so... then life will be so much better.' Then the next chase begins... 
So why compare? comparison was necessary in primal times to establish your hierarchy within a tribe. Maybe that is why we still do it. The thing is I do not intend to spend my life in a state of dissatisfaction that I have created for myself through comparison. The root cause of the dissatisfaction is comparison so therefore by not comparing and focusing on what you have and what you have achieved then you will experience satisfaction. Give it a try and see what happens.

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  1. I can honestly say..I nave NEVER compared myself with
    anyone...I'm a sayings person! Love them! So l've had
    one for my self for years now..."I'm the best there is,
    the best there was, and the best there ever will be".
    Though, over the years, a lot of friends, family etc...
    have compared there selves to me...I don't mind that,
    l'm a 'leader' NOT a 'follower'. People come to my home
    for help, advice, l welcome them, and help them with their
    problems! And, always will!

    Few more sayings to be going on with....
    "A negative mind, will never give you a positive life".

    "Life is like cooking, all the ingredients are there,
    you just hope it all turns out o.k.".

    "It's nice to be important, but it's important to be nice".
    And, one for fun...
    "Always go to other people's funeral, otherwise they won't go
    to yours". =(^..^)=

  2. Willie if more people felt good about themselves and did not make comparison then they would be focused on their own good, feel better about themselves and do greater things in this world. I am always amazed by those who have pretty much everything yet they still compare. It is the source of their dissatisfaction... No doubt you are happy and have an impressive attitude. I am sure it works in your favour; especially the self-belief.