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Friday, 4 December 2015

Coming into Being

Coming Into Being

Over the last couple of days I have had some time to reflect and have read numerous healing posts about all the things we need to do to 'fix' ourselves. I have also just read a book called The Untethered Soul, which is an absolutely awesome book. At the same time I have been witnessing numerous people working through their 'stuff'. Now what I find fascinating is what is this 'stuff?' that one has to work through? For some it is repeat patterns, for others it is suppressed emotions and for others it attempting to unite the fragments of a shattered self. For so many it is no easy task; however, why does it have to be so hard? Why do we feel that we are broken and need to be fixed? There must be an easy way...

What I find  most fascinating is people are attempting to fix themselves without a model of what works. How will you know when you are fixed? Do you really expect a luminous moment where the heavens open and you are given a gold star? What's more, there are so many iconic personalities that are suggested role models; however, many of them are broken or have been broken and it is their imperfections that have driven them. Also have you noticed how many ways you can be fixed? There are so many people lined up offering solutions in exchange for cash. Your flaws are a financial money making machine for others. At the same time these fixers are suggesting they have the secret to inner unison. Some of these are helpful but the expert on you is you. There are people who can apply models of theory to you to help you wade through what you are not aware of. Yet again you go to someone saying you are broken and you need help to be fixed. Often this 'fixing' opens a can of multi-headed fixing worms.

So you may wonder where this is going. Well I have been watching numerous people struggle with themselves, to fix, to eradicate, to let go of.  They seem to be desperate to change who they are. Yet their personality is who they are. The irony is they are perfect as they are. Yet they chase an invisible ideal that is unattainable and people keep making money from them with offerings of insights. What makes it worse is they will be fixed in the future - when something changes. You are never fixed now. This is what gets me about it... Why indulge in years of endless turmoil to determine what is wrong with you? It is wonderful to be reflective, it is excellent to address your fears and walk through your inner fire but when does it stop? There seems to be a new development within the healing realm where people actively indulge in an inner struggle to be spiritually superior to others. I have waded through more than you... I have dealt with more shit than you... Who cares? What you are is what you are. Live your precious life and appreciate it.

Now admittedly there are layers to the person and we do not get to experience all of who we are. Also there are parts of ourselves that we do not like such as the archetypes of the prostitute, the deviant, the victim or the thief and those parts of ourselves become suppressed and sit in dark mental vaults gaining power. They are like neglected children and attention seek in whatever way they can to draw your attention. To unite these parts they need to be accepted and recognised. This comes through self love and lack of judgement and sitting in a space with them. They do not need to be fixed they just need to be recognised, accepted and loved. It is the same with emotions. Allow yourself time to feel and process the emotions. Sit with the emotions, feel them accept them and allow them to be recognised. Once you essentially realise these are parts of the layers of self you can then move into the 'you space' and this is the calm observer who sits beyond your thoughts. The real you.  It is an expansive space of calm. When you move into this space you are able to observe the inner chatter and commentary. There is a deep silence beyond the thoughts, the mind and the chatter. That is the real you.  When you find this silence you have the capacity to come into being. To be rather than fixing. It is in this state that you realise that nothing really matters other than living your life. Mastery is loving the life you have and allowing it to unfold. Every experience is simply an experience whether it is positive or negative. What's more, you realise how trivial all our struggles are when you realise we will all die. When you accept that you are walking into life half way through the show and you will be leaving before it is complete then your decision making is quite different. How would you behave if you knew this was your last week on the planet? I don't think that you would be so terribly concerned by trivialities would you? You wouldn't be desperately trying to fix yourself. You would be focused on living every perfect moment!

Well I hope this gives you some perspective and helps you come into being.

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