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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Chocolate and Other Baking Experiments

Chocolate and Other Baking Experiments

Well you would think you could leave what appears to be chocolate biscuits on your desk without them being abducted. Oh no... Not in my work place. So what happened? Two of the naughty boys I work with spotted a Tupperware box filled with biscuity creations on my desk. Of course they thought they would nab one while I was at the drinks machine.

Please note I had not mentioned I had made biscuits to share. I had not offered these biscuits and I certainly thought that no one would nab a biscuit. So when I returned from filling my water bottle I discovered my manager and one colleague guzzling water and coughing. They pair had bitten into my chilli-based creations and had the hottest shock of their lives. Now what do you do with that?
The pair had been caught red-mouthed swiping my chilli chocolate biscuits. What was the result? Well I was banned from baking by my team. Was that fair? On the bright side it meant that I had more opportunity to eat my own special chocolate creations without having to share.

So today was a momentous day... I made raw chocolate. The reason that I made it myself is because I wanted to eat coconut virgin oil and make the stuff taste nice. To me taste nice is different to most people because I don't eat sugar anymore. With that in mind, I knew I wanted chocolate but without sugar. I came up with using either date syrup or maple syrup or stevia.

So the chocolate is made like this:
Please note there are no measures because I am experimental.
Coconut virgin oil - quite a few lumps.
Macca powder (apparently is should be lacuma powder but I didn't have any)
Date syrup  or maple syrup to sweeten
Pure cocoa powder.

I am sure you are wondering how these creations came about: I melted the coconut oil in a pan and experimentally added everything else. I then spooned them into the chocolate shaping tray and messed up most of my kitchen! Amazing. I had quite a lot of mixture left so I added in oats to make them into choc-jacks rather than flap-jacks. I hope this experiment inspires you and since the creations are somewhat experimental (as with all of my cooking) that is the best direction that I can provide.

Here is how they look:

Well I have to say that I was very pleased with the outcome; however,  I may well have offended the people I offered them to. Admittedly I work on a different team now, although my notorious baking reputation follows me  thanks to my manager. Incidentally he will not try any of my food explorations anymore - he said he was chilli-scarred for life!

I just want to add that I am no cook. I make experimental creations because I decided not to eat sugar, cut out diary and have stopped the gluten. When you stand in a supermarket and look at the choices then you realise you may well become creative to find ways to know what is residing within in your food.

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