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Saturday, 12 December 2015

A letter to all those that love to 'Take All the Credit'.

Dear 'Take all the Credit',
I have been observing your existence for a while now. You really do fascinate me because you and your type appear in most of the corporations I have worked in. You may not be aware there is a whole 'office animal' section dedicated to you. The thing is it seems that this is the time of year where you ramp up your game. I worked out why it is too. It is the end of year appraisal time and you will do whatever you need to to enable you to attain the largest bonus.

Of course you have spent the year working up to the finale by practising on various projects and discovering the best workers to take all the credit from. They are a type too: they are those who work hard and do their best and don't speak up. This may well be the 'office shafted', the 'office actual worker' or the 'office extremely efficient'.

The thing is my dear take all the credit is that people know who you are and discuss you. Many avoid working with you for the reason that they have been shafted by you in the past. Others have found new techniques to make sure people know they did the work. I personally embed my name on the whole document. However, I have found ways to make you look like a wombat. My favourite of late has been providing you with a presentation with completely incorrect data to make you appear a complete fool. I notice you have not approached me for anything since, so it worked! I guess that was because your name was emblazoned with big letters on the front of the presentation that you made to the Managing Directors. Woops!
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My dear Take All the Credit is you need to be aware that I have been leading a small rebellion against all the 'take all the credits' in this world. I have seen so many decent people be trampled by your credit taking behaviour. It started small in our corporation where a number of people gave The Office Zoo book as the Secret Santa present. They highlighted the 'Office Take All the Credit' within it. I noticed you laughing all the way through the different office types until you came to the highlighted pages and glanced around the room wondering who had discovered you. We have all known it for all while and felt that you should not get away with it. We also felt you needed to know that we knew what you were up to! The thing is from shyte the beautiful flowers grow and you behaviour has united a rebellion through other offices too. You see I mentioned what my colleagues did to some of my friends and they thought it was great and did the same. I guess it could be misconstrued as some kind of bullying but taking advantage of others is also bullying too. In truth all the decent hard workers simply spoke up in a different way.

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So I do want to say thank you because your office type contributed to the The Office Zoo - A Field Guide to Office Animal Observations and it would have been missing a key animal had you not demonstrated your traits so clearly. What's more, observing you and how you treat people has contributed material to the Love Hunt books, which are selling nicely. It seems people who work in offices completely identify with the antics that go on! So thank you so much for showing me all your underhand tricks for taking all the credit. Without you I would have missed out a crucial part of corporate life. So thank you and.... We all know who you are!

The Office Zoo Audiobook
If you were an office animal, what would you be? Erm...what do you mean an office animal? Well you may not know this, but there are numerous varieties of office animal migrating to the workplace each day. Every type, with its own characteristics, is awaiting discovery in The Office Zoo. All of those who enter the office jungle on a daily basis have potential for office animal categorizing adventure. Whether we like it or not, each of us falls into one of the many office zoo categories. So which one are you? Which office animals surround you?
The paperback on


I’ll try to write this without spoilers or going too long winded, but the basic gist of this review is: If you are a fan of humour with a generous helping of wit and you’ve ever worked in an office, you will like listening to this!

Boy, it’s a jungle out there. If only there was a field guide with the helpful hints, tips, and ‘general don’t get yourself eaten accidentally’ advice that could help us navigate it all…well this might just be it! Office zoo reads like a Nat Geo guide or a safari special, but on the study of a species of 'animals' that you don't need to travel outside of your city to see in their natural habitat (yay!).

The book reads from point of view of an explorer, which added to the experience and immersion into the guide. The author’s tone was to me perfect for the subject matter. It took me a moment to get used to the narrator’s voice, but once I settled in I realized it was actually a good choice. The narrator reminded me so much of animal nature guide narrators, and that definitely put my brain right in the action, and I had no trouble visualizing the office beings that the author was so helpfully describing.

Despite it being in the humour category, there were quite a number of valuable lessons presented, albeit some slightly over emphasized - the better for us to recognize and work to correct them. If only all company welcome packages included certain snippets of this with the avalanche of company policies - if not only to show that humour is not dead in the office world, but so that people would have a much more enjoyable (and more memorable) reminder to be aware of how they engage with others in the office. We spend so much of our lives in offices (unless you are an actual safari guide, professional base jumper, or something equally office-free), a guide is definitely needed.

There are some characters that were rather harshly covered, but these are made in ‘lemme tell it to you straight’ tone, so it fit with the narrative of the book. Near the end of the book a few of the character’s seemed repeated, or at least very similar to those described in the beginning of the book (granted a I listened to the whole book in one shot, so it may be better to listen to the chapters in segments).There was a weird thing with the recording on my device where all of a sudden it sounded like the narrator teleported to an echo-y tunnel right in the middle of a chapter. I got over it, but it is jarring.

I went into this book expecting to be entertained. I was. But it also got me thinking about my everyday environment in a different way. A humorous take on office culture and a well spent afternoon! I will look up the author’s other work.

Love Hunt: Dating Game Audiobook

Come on admit it - as much as we deny it - we ladies like a good love hunt.

We have tick lists, ideals, and we hunt in high-heeled packs. Of course, we're all hunting for that elusive right man who ticks every box and even has tidy nostril hair. Okay maybe not you, but you know other ladies who love the hunt.

Well, it's time for Eva and Gracie to love hunt, and their "targets" are rich men - the golden sperm. Such exciting escapades would provide the pair with entertaining discussions during their dull office hours - or so they thought. What they did not anticipate was the discovery of the "booby man"; humorous but very hard truths about wealth, themselves, power; and the phenomenon.

The question remains: can love really be hunted?
 Love Hunt II: The Love Game:, Book 2 | Ruby Allure
The Love Hunt has returned. Gracie is back on the dating horse after a huge fall in her first tick-list-tastic love hunt.
Her new dating adventures take her and Eva into the depths of "the love game".
In the meantime, Eva, the ultimate Russian gold digger, has come to the conclusion that her poor "village idiot boyfriend" will never be enough. He will certainly not pay off her accumulating debts. She needs a rich man, and that means rich idiot dating.
In The Love Game, Eva and Gracie travel the journey of extreme love learning. On the way, they will discover their love and lust lists, their intrinsic issues, and experience some hilarious and jaw-dropping dates in pursuit of the wealthy ideal.
All of this in the pursuit of love.
The Love Hunt II is on!

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