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Saturday, 7 November 2015

Holidays - when things go astray...

Well this week I have been to Italy, Lake Como to be precise. It is a beautiful place with amazing food. I was fortunate enough to attend a Network Spinal Analysis weekend where all the stress in your system is downloaded. I have to say the people there were wonderful and all had such a positive outlook on life. When I say positive, not the wafty sort, more of a kind of concentrated focus, the kind that gets things done.
Now after spending the weekend indulging in the luxury of having a nervous system cleanse my friends and I were tested. It was quite strange because you realise how many potential stresses there are in life and how any of them can trigger a response. While we were having lunch in Como, just before going to the airport, we all received one of those dreaded texts: your flight has been cancelled due to weather conditions. The first response was to book another one. It was not so easy because the next one listed was three days later and that was filling up. What would happened if the next one was a week later?

It is in these moments that you really see how your mind works and how you are so fixated in how life 'has' to be. In some of my business life I work with contingency, resilience and disaster recovery. Ironically at the end of the week I was to be involved in a 'shut down' simulation. Well the flight being cancelled was completely going to destroy any opportunity to take part. The thing was that in normal life I would have been aggravated. All my attachment to being at work, the money involved and the fact that I was out of control would have welled up. Instead I thought, well there isn't a lot I can do. Instead let's enjoy Italy. If I have to stay longer then I have to enjoy it. It was then that I realised that I had to text my manager. His response was - 'oh how terrible to be stuck in Italy. If you can't get back then you can't get back.' It was then that I realised how much we all believe that we have to be here, there or everywhere because you have to be. Sometimes you can just relax into the flow of life and say 'it is out of my control - I have a choice - get angry or enjoy it'. :) The truth is life goes on without you... Life is ever changing so it is better to adapt and enjoy being where you are...


  1. Pick up your Blog..Now and again...! :).

    "Sometimes you will never know the value of a
    moment, until it becomes a memory".
    (Dr Seuss).

    "It's nice to important..But it's important to be nice".

  2. I absolutely agree and thank you for the comment.