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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Do You Want To Feel The Creative Writing Juices Flow?

So you want to feel the creative writing juices flow?

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This week, in celebration of The Short Course In Creative Writing reaching the Amazon market place in paperback, I will be posting 5 consecutive lessons in Creative Writing. Fun! Fun! Fun! In addition, I will add in the sample of the audio book sections that has been posted on Sound Cloud - where you can listen to them for free!

So before we get all literary and fluid, let me ask you to dispose of your inner critic - the major dam and hindrance to enabling creativity to flow. I would then ask you to ask the inner saboteur to take a vacation too. The saboteur is the clever little part of you that keeps telling you that your writing is not good enough and that you have to delete it before other people see it. Admittedly, these two 'baddies' are useful in life. They protect your from ridicule, they keep you safe and keep you from experiencing change. In fact, they cleverly keep you stuck in the creative rut. So be very aware before you begin this epic writing adventure that these rather shady inner characters will cleverly find ways to sneak into consciousness and find clever procrastinations and distractions!

On the counter balance we have the inner optimist, who is often held hostage and gagged by the critic and saboteur. Well, ask that inner optimist to rise to the surface along with the inner coach. These two aspects of the personality are the ones that enable you to experience the now and find good things about your work. Sometimes they may even say 'hang on that is pretty good!' Imagine. So are you ready for those creative juices to flow? You might want to check out my previous blog on 'When do you have your best ideas?' And then Monday will be a whole new week of luscious creativity!

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In the meantime, have a listen to the lovely Erin on SOUNDCLOUD and see how you feel:)

A Short Course in Creative Writing
by Ms Ruby Allure

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