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Sunday, 2 August 2015

An Amazing Week!!!

This week has been quite amazing really. Labyrinthine came out on audio, numerous reviewers took on both Money Farm and Labyrithine to review. At the same time sales increased and word of mouth began. I have had some wonderful emails asking how I came up with the ideas in the books. That would be telling!!!

The Office Zoo and a Short Course in Creative Writing made it through the quality control processes and will reach audio in the next couple of weeks. Love Hunt has been recorded now and being audio edited in France. So the writing is progressing!!! Yipee. Yes it is time for a little dance.

On Monday I went back to work after my 3 week holiday and stimulated the corporate blog with my bizarre humour. I was not allowed to post a film of goats riding horses. It was not corporate enough. When I suggested we put the goats in suits I received 'one of those looks'. I was also invited into a creative project which is creative and innovative. Hopefully I will be able to get sign off on space ship drones and specially designed balloons to replicate planets so that I can build a helium solar system in our corporate atrium. I will be honest I was happy to go back to work routine, although I started reading the book the 4 hour week. It has made me re-evaluate how I approach work and why do we all accept 9-5 as the 'norm'? In addition I intend to be more efficient so that I can have more 'fun' time.

Oh and I was asked the question this week: why don't I just work as an author?
Answer: Where do you get your material if you don't interact? The work place has an abundance of characters, mad incidents and fun stories. How else do you think I could have compiled all the characters in The Office Zoo? Reality is often far better as reference than reality.  What's more, twelve years ago, when I worked in a bookshop, I was given some excellent advice by an author: don't give up your day job unless you have paid off your mortgage and have the earning capacity of 5K a month and 100K in the bank. This came from an author who had received a huge advance, had her work hyped and was labelled the next J.K. Rowling. She sold around 40,000 books in total and her second book did not make sales and she was dropped. If she had given up her job then where would she be?

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