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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Strategic thinking and its benefits.

Strategic thinking and its benefits.
Isn’t it funny that quite often in life we just get on with things without thinking of the destination? Instead we jump straight in and start doing something without actually considering our intended outcome. This is what I learned today. I just get on with things rather than think of the plan. There were plenty of others like that in the group as well. I know it is simple and there are probably numerous strategically minded thinking people muttering ‘hello –obvious!!!’ Well to some people strategic thinking isn’t obvious. In fact, have you ever considered how people think so differently? Some people achieve their goals by taking action, others build structures and order while some simply think about what they need to do until they get it clear in their head.
Take for example your own life – what is your two year plan, your five year plan or your ten year plan?
Is there something you really want to achieve but you kind of hope it will just happen or just fall into place?
For me, this last couple of weeks has provided necessity, the mother of all invention. I am coming to the end of a five year plan, where I pretty much achieved all that I desired. However, I realised that I do not have a strategy or plan for the future or the next ten years. When I have no goal or no focus I find that I waft around in nothingness, not really getting anywhere or achieving anything. I then stagnate, feel stuck and get frustrated. I find that so many people really don’t know what they want so just get by. When someone close by to them achieves something great they say well ‘that was easy for them.’ It was not easy for them – they more than likely set a goal, decided on what they wanted and created a plan to achieve it.
So… are you ready to plan? To make that plan that will get you somewhere rather than sitting on your posterior waiting for a random miracle to happen?
First get that MISSION together.
The MISSION statement asks what do you really want? As a brand why do you exist? It might be to be the best you can be. Or to be the best cook in the world. What is it that you really want? What is the purpose of the mission? Why does this mission exist?
VISION – what is it you hope to achieve or want to be? So say you want to be the best cook in the world - would your vision be the following: to contribute my skills as a cook to the world through creating innovative and delicious recipes in a book and online. My reputation for unique food combinations generates a reputation and a niche market.
How do you do it? What needs to happen?
As a cook you might set up a blog and provide a weekly recipe and share your tips on cooking efficiency.
You then build your recipe portfolio and add in the pictures. Finally you self-publish the book on-line and advertise it with your regular recipe blog.
How do you measure whether you are the best cook in the world?
Is it based on book sales? Is it based on how many people read your blog? Do people have to point at you in the street and say ‘that is the best cook in the world or do you need a medal?’ Maybe it is media presence – your own cook and talk show. Whatever the measure is, make sure you measure your success. Look at what works and what does not work and then tailor the plan. Increase more of what works and cut your time wastage on what does not work.
Now do the above for two years.
Work out what you want to achieve over five years.
Finally work out the ten year dream.
Remember the plans can all change. You just need the initial vision in your mind to start the journey to the destination. You don’t travel on a plane and ask where it is you landed do you?

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