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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A bit more of - The love game - post number 4.

Dear Gracie,

I feel sad for woman with flatulence husband but she would not have been at a beautiful hotel without him. She would probably work as waitress. She would not have been able to afford beautiful clothes and her body perfection has been paid for. Without him she would not be living such a lifestyle. I see what she has sacrificed to get what she needs. Many women do this. Which is better? Make sacrifice to get what you want and a lifestyle you desire or work hard but never get anywhere? Not everyone is super intelligent and can have good jobs. Others have different assets. She had beauty that she invested in to get a better return. Her beauty has enabled her a carefree lifestyle with manicures and massages. This is what I dream of. Do you see my side now? I would put up with nostril hair and rancid fart for beautiful lifestyle. Sad isn’t it? I don’t want to work and work like a dog making shyte payments. I want to be pampered. I want to be the princess!

How are your team?


Hello Eva,
I understand what you are saying but it is technically prostitution in that you compromise yourself in exchange for a commodity. I understand that people have different talents, yet maybe she has some unrealised talent which she could contribute to the world rather than sexually service an old chap in leopard skin budgie smugglers. I don’t know her full story and it is not for me to judge. In truth, I was more horrified by his intestinal jet propulsion through the swimming pool.

Oh it seems that the naughty boys really have missed me. They have not tried to annoy me once and Abdi actually smiled and patted me like a dog. He said ‘welcome back, I have missed my wing-woman and I even have saved you a bounty chocolate from the Christmas celebrations chocolates. It is the only flavour I don’t like so I saved it for you.’

Imagine Abdi actually shared something with me... Astounding! He is also the only person I have seen lose weight over Christmas. Something is going on. He has a look in his eye which suggests ‘naughty and determined.’ That combination of traits is something I have not seen in him before. I sense danger, predatory sausage and a couple of new women in the office. It seems the office hotty has competition. Not only has Boobilicious Beth been trumped because there is a new oriental woman who is stunning. Across the way there is a pristine blonde with a slow motion hair-flick and one of those white shirts that reveals the details of her lace bra. She keeps photo-copying with the lid up so that the light reveals all the more. I wondered why Abdi and Greg have moved closer to the photocopier. They are as transparent as her blouse!

You know what Eva? This is suspect, Abdi has a new suit, more deodorant than ever and a new pair of shoes. I went for a walk to the coffee machine with Gary, we have both noticed the shift in him. There is an underlying smoothness developing. Gary is going to wind him up about it. Since Gary works with coding, he is going to set up an anonymous email account and say that he has been watching Abdi and notices he has changed his suit. He is going to say the powers that be have noticed his newly found self-confidence. Oh this will be fun.


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