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Thursday, 11 October 2012

The universe and the inter-galactic lunatic asylum!

The universe and the inter-galactic lunatic asylum!

We all need a little inspiration to remind us that the mundane can be beautiful. Today as I watched the heavens wring out a giant sponge I realised that life itself is hilarious.  Consider this – we are born with no memory. Everything we do from that moment is a case of ‘figure it out’. We learn from those around us, who in all honesty, could be very wrong. They have also learned how to be from those who were around them when they were small. Is it any wonder we live in a mixed up world? The original learning came from where - a monkey or a single celled animal?

So here we are in our advanced states, professing genius or appearing to be something, when in actual fact our learned behaviour came from pond life. I witness Pond life on a daily basis in the bad lands of Boscombe, but who can blame them? Our behaviours are learned survival techniques and our desire for safety/ conformity within the tribe.

On the usual trek home from work I talked to my father about all manner of things but unexpectedly he said he had figured life out – it came to him when he was in bed.

“Some people view earth as heaven.

Others view earth as hell.

A few consider this place a middle earth

But I know what this place is – the inter-galactic lunatic asylum.

We have our minds wiped so that we do not know this.”

His words are always wise and I pondered for a short while and considered whether there was such a possibility. I considered whether our bodies may well be prisons but after a stampede of wilder beast thoughts, I came to the conclusion that this life is what we choose to make of it. Our lives are a manifestation of our thoughts. We can choose how we react and if we manage to generate the right thoughts then we will in fact manifest  the lives we desire. The first step is always belief accompanied by the initial desire. It is then the actions we choose to take followed by our choice of how to react. Once we know this – everything is possible! Have fun creating!

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