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Saturday, 13 August 2016

How Can You Be The Best FOR The World?

How Can You Be The Best For The World?

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How can you be the best for the world? Well, someone recently asked me this question and it sent me into a wonderful thought spiral because don't most people want to be the best in the world? So what is the difference? One is about contribution and the other is about ego. Or is it? That is up to you to determine. The next question that then came to mind is what is it that you want to contribute to be the best for the world...
What are your unique skills and talents? What can you give to the world? What will make a difference?
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What can you 'give' is fascinating because so many people do not know what their skills or talents are because they are so natural and easy for them. Take for example a friend of mine who teaches yoga, she had no idea it was a talent, she said it was simply something that she liked doing. Without realising it she is being her best for the world by sharing her yoga talent and inspiring others to find peace and bendiness. What about if you have a job that you simply choose to be your best in and positively up lift others. By choosing to give your best you are actively being the best for the world. What about people who are great at giving hugs? The more they hug people (who want it - otherwise it could be awkward...) the more they connect to others which may be all that someone needs. Or those who love, really love demonstrating love to the world. There is so much possibility.
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To be the best for the world find what you love doing. What comes naturally to you? What makes you feel alive? How can you positively share and affect others?

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I personally spent time considering this and realised that I love writing blogs, writing books and thinking a lot about a lot of things... Have you noticed? I would do what I do whether I make money from it or not. So that in itself is a little bit of a reveal about a talent. What would you spend your time doing even if you did not get paid for it?
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So how can you be the best you can be for the world? Look at what you love doing, spend time doing it and then share it. Your happiness, joy and passion will positively affect others. We then have a positive chain reaction. Isn't that a beautiful thought?

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