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Friday, 6 May 2016

What If....
What if…

What if the world was filled with contented happy people?

What if people truly knew how to love themselves and others?

What if we weren’t bombarded by images that resulted in dissatisfaction?

What if we weren’t compelled to buy stuff to make ourselves feel better?

What if people were truly contented with what they had and did not ‘need’ more?

What if your inner world provided you with absolute joy and you could connect to your source?

I recently flew from Thailand to London and the above thoughts stampeded about my mind because I had met some truly wonderful, inspirational and happy people in Thailand. What made it more fascinating is that they had nothing. They had given up their ‘stuff’ and their pursuit of stuff to go and truly live. At the same time I stayed at a rather nice hotel and the majority of people, who would be considered rich, walked around with faces like slapped arses. They were very busy trying to ‘out rich’ others. “oh what other exclusive resorts have you visited?” said in a posh voice as an example.  To make matters more insightful, I was reading a lovely book on simplicity just as one woman turned up with about ten suitcases that had to be carried up a pontoon by an entourage. It was absolutely fascinating. It got me thinking about ‘stuff’ and all the stuff that people carry with them or think they need. Who needs ten suitcases of ‘stuff’ for a two week holiday?

While I was out in Thailand I met up with a great friend of mine. She had taken a sabbatical from work and at the age of 56 had discovered her true passion – diving. She was now training to become a dive master. This woman is an inspiration because she also trains people to fly gliders. Her usual job is in insurance and she had a moment where she thought – this is my life… I have to live it. So she took the leap and requested a six month sabbatical and what she has experienced in six months is beyond belief. In fact when I met up with her she was the happiest she had ever been and was travelling with so little. She admittedly had been a ‘stuff queen’ prior to travel. Something I realised is that those who travel the furthest carry the least because they no longer wish to carry the burden.

With all this in mind I wondered what would happen to the world economy if people were happy, satisfied and no longer needed stuff. Would it collapse or would something else take its place? At the moment I have no definitive answers to this – if you do then please comment. However, I realised that I have arrived at a point in life where stuff no longer matters. I have necessities and am grateful for those. When you reach this place the question then becomes if you are no longer chasing then how can you contribute to the world? That realisation is a beautiful thing because all that energy that had been channelled into acquiring stuff can be re-directed into creating beauty. So maybe when you no longer chase and look inside then you realise that you are a source of great potential.  There is an unlimited potential to create. The external that had been focused on is beautiful; however, the inner world provides you with a vast resource of creativity, feelings and inspiration. The question is that once you have access then what will you do with it? Imagine if you radiated joy and love that was positively infectious to others. How would that change the world?

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    1. Face like a slapped arse...HeHe Love that! :).
      That's really getting to the 'bottom' of things!

      Iv'e just Googled..What If....Clicked onto Images.
      There's hundreds on there....
      "Replace 'What If' with 'Hell Yeah'...!"

      "I'd rather have a life of 'oh wells' than a life
      of 'What If's".

      "But Mom what if l get kidnapped?" "Trust me they'd
      bring you back".

      "What if...One day..Google was deleted..and, we could'nt
      Google what happened to Google".

      But, on the serious side...I returned to this country,
      in 73...That's 1973..Lets not get carried away here..! :).
      Married...Couple years later, my daughter was born..four
      years later l was a single parent..divorced three years
      later. Single parent for 14yrs...At 18, she went off to
      Uni...Now? She "top of the world Dad" Yes! I know it should
      be Ma..! Good old James Gagney...!
      The question...What If...Can of course remain unanswered...
      Because if you don't take up the suggestion...You'll never
      Life! For most of us is a roller~coaster ride...HeHe! 'Up
      and Down Like a Barmaids Apron'. (Am l allowed to say that).
      But! Hey! It's a great life...If you don't weaken!
      And, one thing...I~Never~Make~Plans...It's one minute, hour,
      day, at a time...I've always suffered from Stress..Anxiety..
      I cope with it....I tolerate it...But! But! "What If".??????

    2. It is amazing how so many live for the future that may never happen. Live now and Dooooo it!