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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Hairy-Legged Mystery

The Mystery of The Hairy-legged Mystery...

Okay I admit it - when I wrote The Hairy-legged Mystery I was not expecting to publish it. I wrote it as a bit of fun to read to my friend's children. I wanted to provide a real sense of mystery for five to seven year olds... I also intended to make it a joy / amusing for my best friends to read to their little ones... They know me well and are aware I have a certain sense of humour. Of course they expected some rather random events that would make them smile. Well it seems that a book about hairy legs seems to have proven popular with the kiddies and parents -  so I put it on Kindle. To make it even more exciting an audio producer has snapped it up in the last hour to produce on audio... So something is going on with it:) Oh God - imagine after writing all my other books that I get known for a hairy-legged mystery. That is hysterical in itself!

Here is the synopsis:

One afternoon, while Ben and Jenny play in the garden, Ben notices a pair of extremely hairy legs belonging to a huge creature hiding in their hedge. Just as they investigate they are called in for tea. From that moment on the pair attempt to determine what the ‘creature’ is. During the night they watch from their bedroom window and can see the outline of a hairy shape lurking in the darkness. It had to be a monster didn’t it? What did that monster want? The whole thing was turning into a mystery. Why had the cucumber patch been destroyed? Had the creature taken the fruit bowl? Why would the prize roses be beheaded? Was the creature trying to get their attention? The whole thing had turned into a hairy legged mystery!

The Hairy-legged Mystery

By Ruby Allure

Copyright Ruby Allure 2016

All rights fall with Ruby Allure

For the ‘little dudes’ that find my random stories amusing.

Thank you for making me give this to the world!




What was that wriggling in the hedge?

Ben, a scruffy bean-pole of a boy aged nine, paused and picked up his ball. The sun had finally come out and the smell of damp grass and earth hung in the air. He glanced back at his little sister, Jenny, who was coated in mud. Her curly dark hair was encrusted against her face and her green eyes looked impatient as usual. She stood with her hands on her hips waiting because she wanted to play! With a Shhh! sign Ben waved her over and pointed. With a frown and a stomp she trampled over. ‘Come on!’ she said irritably. Ben made another Shhh! sign.
“What?” Jenny whispered.

With a confused look she followed his gaze and listened. There it was again, a rustling, a snorting and a gulping. What was it? “Oooop, ooop…”

The brother and sister crouched down and peered at the bracken beneath the hedge. Two very hairy legs with dark feet that looked like long sultanas stood in some mud. The pair glanced at each other.  They had never seen anything like it before.
“What is it?” mouthed Jenny.
“It’s not human,” Ben replied with a shrug. There was definitely some kind of creature close by. Had it emerged from the forest beyond their garden? Did they dare find out?

 “Tea time!” called their mother.
The pair stood up and did not know what to do. Should they tell their parents or should they find out more?
“Come on kids” said their father strolling out onto the patio. “What’s so exciting that you want to stay outside instead of have your tea?”
“Nothing!” They both replied at the same time.

Their father studied them with a certain look on his face.
“Nothing eh?” Well then you best get in for your tea. “I made Lasagne and your mother made fruit trifle.”

There was definitely something there...



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