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Saturday, 12 March 2016

Why Master the Mundane?

Why Master the Mundane?

Is there something wrong with ordinary or mundane? If so why is that? Why does everything have to be spectacular, amazing or phenomenal? In this world of ‘instant’ there is the constant need for stimulus. That endless search for stimulation overrides the gentle moments that take place in the ordinary. In the meantime our endeavours need to be posted for the world to see them. The validation comes from likes and external sources. Wow! So you want to spend your next eighty years in that constant motion with the need for people to like pictures of the next spectacular thing that has been done. We must be aware that we are conditioned by society yet one of the subliminal messages suggests we should always be working and aspiring. There are a couple of clever catch phrases you may recognise ‘you can be anything if you have…’ and ‘treat yourself.’ This is all consumerist propaganda to make you buy pointless items to keep an economy in motion.  Of course being satisfied and content does not make you buy.

You may wonder where this has come from. Well one of my big things to understand this year is contentment and satisfaction. On the journey to satisfaction, over the last couple of weeks I have been on couple of meditation retreats. It had a rather profound affect. When you remove all the external expectations you have space and time to reflect. In that time of reflection it became apparent how fast life is. Without the constant bombardment of advertising there is time to appreciate yourself and be with who you really are. It was during this time I recognised the ordinary. I know, I had been so busy with work, aspirations and writing that I had not noticed the ordinary. In the quiet time I saw that the mundane was actually beautiful. I realised the underlying issue was that the mundane became boring because I was over-stimulated. The irony is that wherever you are, it is you that you that you are taking to the situation. So by enjoying the meditation and being in deep relaxation my perspective shifted. No matter where I was, depending on my inner state, determined how I responded. Now imagine you are in a peaceful tranquil state experiencing life rather than in a fast state of inner anxiety. It is funny how your inner state completely changes everything. Since the retreat I have been amused by my work environment, which at times falls into utter chaos. When my state was internal chaos the situations would make me stressed. Now that I am doing the regular meditation, the situations that erupt no longer affect me in the same way and I now can see calm and effortless solutions. In addition, I can now fully experience the situations rather than ‘get them done’ and move onto the next random event. Of course it is early days; however, the endless need to aspire, chase and be fast is something we all become caught up in. It is as if everyone is trying to out busy each other through fear of not appearing to live an exciting life. Everyone is rushing but where to? Death?

Have you realised the big secret that the economic world does not what you to know? The best experiences are with friends, family and take place in the quiet moments between chasing ideals. When you realise this you then wonder why you bother chasing. When you step into your stillness and experience each day for that day you open up a whole universe of beauty in the mundane. That is why, in my opinion, it is worth mastering the Mundane.

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