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Saturday, 20 February 2016

Scattered Syndrome

Scattered Syndrome?

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Are you experiencing the scattered syndrome? It seems to be typical of modern day society where placing plates on sticks and spinning them has been surpassed by being involved in this act whilst walking on a tight-rope and playing a one man band. The thing is we all have a certain amount of mental capacity and if you look at your mental focus like a torch beam, we are constantly swishing it in all directions all of the time. Is it any wonder that people feel fragmented and drained because there is no opportunity to focus that light on one thing to take in the details and do it properly?
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You may wonder why I am talking about this, well this week I completed the edit of The Ocean Callings audio book, wrote a children's book and worked full time in my corporate job, attended yoga, went to the gym on a daily basis and slept. Someone asked how I managed to do it all? Well it was purely down to concentrated focus. I focus on thing at a time and do it until complete. My corporation does not particularly enjoy the fact that I maintain this ethos; however, I have noticed that the fragmented states people are in result in shoddy work and doing things twice. It is like buy cheap buy twice. Do a crap job then do it three times. The truth is to achieve anything worthwhile one needs to focus. It can be playing with children, doing a sport or writing a book. There is no point being half-present because the results will be rubbish. This ties in with mindfulness too, it is about presence and being in the moment - being there fully. In addition to this, I want to point out that being busy all of the time spinning plates and proverbially playing a one man band whilst absailing down a building does not allow space for problem solving. Have you noticed the time when you come up with the best solution is when you are quiet and relaxed? When I was on a course people shared where they had their best ideas: when they woke up in the morning, in the shower, in the bath or when doing a repetitive exercise. These are the times when your conscious thought relaxes and allows the superior unconscious to solve it. So this Scattered Sydrome is no good for anything. It is worth applying concentrated focus and absolute presence whilst doing anything you are passionate about because then my friends you will find that you produce something far more worthy and of value because you have truly shone your light up in it!
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