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Friday, 18 September 2015

A Bit of News and A Wedding Speech to Deliver

One Wedding Speech to Make for my Best Friend!

Today is a big day. I am making a wedding speech in a ceremony for my best friend. There is somewhat of a magic feel about this because this week has been quite a week. The Short Course in Creative Writing came out in paperback, along with Love Hunt 1 - Dating Game. Then to make the world an even better place Love Hunt - Dating Game came out in audio. Honestly, I know I wrote it; the thing is Helen Lloyd has created something spectacular! I am so proud of how she managed to switch between a Russian accent and an English accent.

So it seems the theme for the following week is love. With that in mind, I have decided to re-arrange my book-sharing schedule and will post 5 chapters of Love Hunt with some audio samples. This book has been my top seller and has had the most discussion at work. I guess it is something that we can all identify with - relationships, the hunt for love and the strange behaviours that people experience on the journey to find their perfect mate. The thing is while I was writing Love Hunt my best friend endured all the stories with me. She was shocked, horrified and delighted on numerous occasions. While I scaled the numerous obstacle courses in pursuit of love destiny delighted my best friend. When one of my other rowing crew and I spotted a chap that suited her at a rowing party. We created a cunning plan, made them talk to each other and then as all best friends do - we abandoned them! Yes we warned him that if anything happened a team of Amazonian warriors would pursue him and hunt him down.. Now, a few years later I get to share the story in front of all their loved ones. It is so wonderful that destiny bought them together and now on this day of their love - my Love Hunt book has arrived in audible. Happy? Gosh - joy!


Come on admit it - as much as we deny it - we ladies like a good love hunt.
We have tick lists, ideals, and we hunt in high-heeled packs. Of course, we're all hunting for that elusive right man who ticks every box and even has tidy nostril hair. Okay maybe not you, but you know other ladies who love the hunt.
Well, it's time for Eva and Gracie to love hunt, and their "targets" are rich men - the golden sperm. Such exciting escapades would provide the pair with entertaining discussions during their dull office hours - or so they thought. What they did not anticipate was the discovery of the "booby man"; humorous but very hard truths about wealth, themselves, power; and the phenomenon.
The question remains: can love really be hunted?


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