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Thursday, 13 August 2015

Do You Have One of These In Your Office? The Office Gossip!

The Office Zoo: A Field Guide to Office Animal Observation

The Office Gossip.

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She is usually buxom and has a tendency to cross her arms as she leans in to hear everything and everyone. She is a phenomenon because she can extract the intimate details of everyone’s personal life. She is there when someone breaks down and cries. She senses when something is brewing. She notices the subtle gestures between those who are hiding the office sausage but are trying to keep it quiet. She has antennae for all goings on and when she gets the chance, she sets herself up as a confident. She is a gossip genius!
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Her days are filled with potential gossip absorption. She is open in conversation and can cleverly trap an individual into confessing all under the guise of a confident. Each day she builds an entirely new catalogue and links all the life-event strings from all of those around the office. As she constructs, weaves and interlaces she builds her power due to potential bribery. When she feels ready to share, she will subtly drop some of the most surprising antics into conversation. ‘So did you hear about…? Such a shame…’ ‘You would never believe… but so and so….’ ‘Guess who is ….’ Everyone wants to know her because this creature brightens people’s lives. It is natural to want to know about others but at the same time be aware that everyone probably knows about you too!
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The thing with this woman is that no one will ever know anything about her. It seems that she lives a rather dull life and her purpose is to discover the excitement/scandal in others. The worst part of this is that these traits are in her make-up. She will never change. The only thing is – is that gossip is harmful, and as much as she does not intend to hurt people, rumours spread and become exaggerated. Lives have been ruined by a hint of ‘tittle tattle.’
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Learning: well you will learn about your life, other’s lives and the extreme private things that people attempt to keep secret. When you discover your managing director caught crabs from the office tart, you realise how damaging gossip can be to a reputation. Sometimes she will slip up and tell you gossip about you. Just be aware that gossip can be about anyone including you.
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OFFICE ZOO LINK TO AMAZON.COM Link: Office Zoo: A Field Guide to Office Animal Observation

Labyrinthine: Interior Worlds, Book 1
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Money Farm
I thought I may as well add the most recent Money Farm review... Love it!
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on July 13, 2015
Gillian’s world is turned upside down when she is unexpectedly ‘released’ from her job. Her government funding is revoked after the board decides they did not like a paper she wrote on ‘Reactants, resistance, reflexivity and reversal in times of financial and social hardship.’

All of a suddenly her secure life has gone. What will she do? All around her people are getting into debt, being encouraged to spend more than they have, buy things they don’t need. Possessions are everything, all that matters. Why? How had the world gotten into this state, and why didn’t the powers that be want to hear what she had to say?

Not taking her redundancy laying down Gillian’s resolve hardens as she actively strives to understand the financial system and money handling. Living on her savings whilst looking for a job, she soon discovers that it won’t be long before she is homeless.

But what about M.O.N.E.Y? The people who work for M.O.N.E.Y live at the Money Farm, which was a series of huge walled islands, linked by bridges, which has been in existence for over 200 years. Gillian becomes obsessed with the M.O.N.E.Y concept. Who are these people, how are they chosen? M.O.N.E.Y is totally self-sufficient, secretive, she has to know more.

How do you become part of M.O.N.E.Y, this amazing organisation whose employees themselves are intriguing?

Then, one day she follows a M.O.N.E.Y employee out of a shop and asks the man the leading question “How do I become one of you?”

This simple question, and his reply changes her life forever.

As she trains and is inducted into the world of M.O.N.E.Y, Gillian soon discovers that she has in fact been chosen. Her militant nature and questioning attitude allows her to think outside the box. However, I wondered, as the story progressed, did M.O.N.E.Y have any idea of what her impact would be?

This was a fascinating book, deep and very thought provoking, it made you wonder…

I will certainly be looking out for more very interesting books by this talented author.

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