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Monday, 30 March 2015

The Beauty of Audio Books

There is such talent in a person who can bring a book to life through voice. I had never really considered it before because I create through written word. The words construct according to my mental landscape and fly out onto the page. Sometimes I write at 90 words a minute and find that I am not consciously thinking anymore. That is what I do. Yet lately the world of story has expanded onto audible. Being able to hear the story is wonderful and imagine a book you have written being interpreted by an actor or actress with an engaging voice. That actor or actress 'gets' everything you thought and provides a tone of passion which makes the hairs on your head stand on end. I had never realised it was possible. However, it is such a joy. To be able to listen to a story is something I have always loved since being a child and now my dream is being realised in the form of audio books. I cannot express the feelings of enthusiasm that I feel. This is the equivalent - imagine doing a headstand whilst riding a huge wave on a longboard! Or learning that a mysterious person had paid off your mortgage. I guess that comes close... What I will say is that I am more than grateful that three extremely talented actresses have arrived in my life to take The Money Farm, Labyrinthine and A Short Course in Creative Writing to a whole new level. I hope these audio books to be completed by the end of June because I honestly cannot wait for the world to hear how these women tell stories. Excited???? I am practically leaping around the room. The thing is I had better get back to my film script writing... You might notice there is a hint of bloggin' procrastination going on here.

Incidentally if you have a good book that would work on audible have a look at amazon ACX. They have been amazing so far!

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