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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Finding the right voice for your audio book.

How important is a voice?

When I first heard the audition for the Labyrinthine, as the audiobook, my hair stood on end. Of all the various voices - this one stood out. It is funny how you just 'know' when something is right. What set this actress apart was her capacity to 'become' the characters and reveal their perspectives. In truth, she simply blew me away. Labyrinthine, the book being turned into audio, is a book with character depths based on symbolic archetypes. That was why the voice was paramount. In one moment she could be an old hag and the next a sexless being. She understood what was needed and literally vocally transformed.

I guess there are numerous authors involved in having their books made into audio and to be quite honest I had no idea what was involved. A novel of around 120,000 words is a recording of approximately twelve hours with numerous takes. The reason that I mention this is because you will have to listen to those twelve hours numerous times and be detailed in your response to the numerous takes. It is not a step for the faint hearted. This is your book and you want it to be the best it can be. What's more, there are moments when you will squirm, when a part of the book you wanted read in a certain way will sound clichéd. It is a heavy process to go through, but one that is worth it in the end because audio books are some of the highest sellers thanks to Audible. What's more, hearing your book come to life is an experience that will blow you away.

Some of my friends asked why I didn't read my books myself. Well the simple truth is: I don't think I could listen to my own voice for twelve hours in repetition. I certainly could not maintain consistency - I would rather let a professional with a fantastic voice do that while I focus on writing my books.

The book that is being made into audio is Labyrinthine, a book I loved writing and a book I feel provides so rather insightful answers about life. Of all the books I have written, I am not surprised that this one was picked at this time.

Read it if you are ready to experience and understand synchronicity:)

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