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Thursday, 10 September 2015

Exciting Times... Never Give Up!

Finally it is all coming together...

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Have you ever felt like that dung beetle pushing against the giant self-made dung ball. Well that has been me over the last twelve years. I have been plodding up the most metaphorically difficult mountain emulating the action of a dung beetle. It is amazing how constant perseverance and persistence pays off so one can be victorious. Well the good news is I am finally at the top of the mountain. I am intending to ride the dung ball down the hill.

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When it comes to writing, I have to say there have been times when I just wanted to give up yet I was compelled to carry on. Why would anyone carry on when no one had heard of them? People kept telling me why it was so difficult to succeed as an author. You know what? I could listen to others because they simply mirror one's self-doubt. The thing is sometimes you have to transform the doubt and simply put your head down and do it anyway! And  you know what? There have been times when I can quite honestly say I have had full on tantrums, especially when I received over a hundred rejection letters. Unfortunately I rid myself of most of them through not being a person who can hold onto rejection.

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I now look at my twelve years of consistent writing as exercise and learning. Now finally it is all paying off. In the last year I have released 2 novels and 1 creative writing book to add to the other 6 books I released over the last 5 years. 8 of my 9 books will enter onto the audio market place by the end of the year. I finally feel like it is working and that my life's work has been birthed into the world. Admittedly I have another ten books drafted and intend to work on those over the coming years. However, my big lesson in life is: if one door does not open then find other ways. Approach the market place like an entrepreneur. Look at what is new and has potential. There are always new ways and original ways. The desire and drive will be there when you forge your own path and stay authentic and aligned with your passion. You know that something is a passion when you do it for no reward. That is where I felt tested - I accepted that whether or not my books sold or not, well I simply had to write them. So here we are... yesterday Money Farm arrived in paperback. Tomorrow the Office Zoo will be available in paperback too - just in time for Secret Santa gifts for Christmas and the classic office leaving present. What's more, the reviews have been honest and amazing. The first few I cringed before I even read them. I was astounded by what amazing things people write who don't know you about the work you created. I know they won't all be good; however, I have had a phenomenal start so thank you reviewers!!!

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The audio books have absolutely astounded me. The talent of the producers quite simply blows me away. How they shift between characters and accents is just astounding and bring life to the characters that once lurked in my head. I also have advice for those who are aspiring in any field. Focus, use your passion and life force to bring something brilliant and unique to you into the world!

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Final note:  I wrote this blog to advise everyone who reads my posts that to celebrate the new releases I will post five chapters of each book... I hope you will enjoy them:)

Ruby Allure Books created to inspire you:)



New in Paperback:
Labyrinthine: Interior Worlds, Book 1



"An Unexpected Gem"
***I was provided a copy of this audio book for the purpose of a review ***

With the required disclaimer out of the way, let me be brutally honest, I had not expected this little gem. In fact, I had expected my listening would be a bit rough and was fortified by it being less than 2 hours.

The synopsis says the author wrote the book as a takeaway from her evening classes on creative writing. My mental context was ... Community Ed evening classes ...and expected a well intended but kind of amateur product. However, I am interested in adult education, and batter my own nerd head against a giant personal creativity brick wall.

So you have an idea of my mind set... low expectations along with high interest.

Amateur hour it was NOT.

I don't know where the author teaches her class, but Sign Me Up! And bring the narrator. Wow. Two hours of unadulterated, straight up, right on, good learning material delivered by a close friend just sharing the material. The narrator's voice was warm, sincere without any artifact or pompous patronising, and well modulated throughout. The material was mind opening for me, with the right mix of the mechanics of writing exercises, sufficient context that using prompts now makes sense to me, and a sprinkling of the inner heart work of creativity through written material.

This was just what I didn't dare hope for in a how to creative writing listen.

Truly an unexpected gem and a learning and growing experience for me.

A keeper and one I will return to many times as I deconstruct my own wall, one block at a time.

Thank You, Ruby and Thank You, Erin.
 Money Farm
· Frode
"M.O.N.E.Y. is bad? This book is not!"
So Money Farm by Ruby Allure was a surprise! When I REALLY did not read things about this book I review for Audiobook Blast, I sometimes get books I don't know something about. BTW: I read 99% about the books I want to review, but this book I can't remember I did that for. Anyways: This was a nice surprise, and I think it is one of those books that is better the second time you read it. No joke! I listen to this twice before I made this! Money Farm makes you thin, and who does not like to hear a book that makes you think? It is an awesome book, that I will recommend to all that likes audiobooks, and really to people that does not!

Helen Lloyd English accent its the topic like a glow and a hand! Her "lady like" voice is so cold, and clear I feel that the author made this book thinking that Helen Lloyd would read it out loud! That is how I feel those two fits together! The 2 times 14 hrs and 6 mins I spend with her never feels boring or uninteresting! I would love to spend it again, and I will because this book I will hear again, and again, even when it is 14 hrs and 6 mins long! That is saying something!

I was provided this audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator in exchange for an unbiased review via AudiobookBlast dot com

What did you like most about Money Farm?
It was an eye opener.
What did you like best about this story?
I like the way it made you think about the way normal everyday life is here and now, and the future...
Have you listened to any of Helen Lloyd’s other performances? How does this one compare?
Helen Lloyd narrated this fairly long audiobook brilliantly. Although the story content was very intense and thought provoking, her lovely smooth voice was very easy to listen to and I thought it was just perfect, a fascinating book wonderfully narrated.
Was this a book you wanted to listen to all in one sitting?
Yes it was, although it is too long to do so.

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