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Monday, 2 March 2015

Deals do work...

Well it seems that everyone is searching for a bargain. No one really wants to pay the full price do they? So what do you do when you find a deal? Are you one of those who develop a certain kind of smug grin - like the fat kid that ate the last cake? The thing is, we as writers, are on the other side of the deal. To be found and to get known we have to discount our years of work or even put it out there for free in hope that word of mouth will generate sales in the future.

Well, as much as I much as I was reluctant, and after reading numerous marketing books, I gave in and put my books in the count-down deal category of Amazon. I even tested the water in the free section. With regards to promotions, I am glad that I waited because I have nine books that can be promoted in cycles. So this is what I did - I made a consecutive series of count-down deals for each book and as one finished another began. What was the result - so far one hundred and five downloads in three days. That is not bad considering I did not expect there to be much of a response...

What have I learned? If you are new to the world of Indie writing - get your book out there and discount or make it free to get known! Oh and guess which one sold the most? Well actually there were two, the same two: Labyrinthine - the one that is being turned into an audio book and The Ocean Callings - the one that has a script in progress. Following a close third was Davina and the Goyles - this book had interest from a top agent ten years ago. The deal fell through and my heady illusions shattered... I am a better person for it, I try and convince myself of that:)

So with deals and free samples - let's see how the whole cycle of promotions works out:) What I do find strange is that Love Hunt - Dating - has not sold as many, yet has 10 5star reviews. Last year a television producer approached me to turn this one into a television series. It fell through when she decided that she was depressed and wanted to spend time in India practising yoga. She then meditated and changed her life direction. Even the stories about stories are bizarre!

CONCLUSION: From what I am seeing in my sales trending - it seems people go for cheap versus recommendation in this instance. Although the cycle of promotions has not reached either of the LOVE HUNTS. We will see whether there is a spike in sales when they enter into the promotional world.

I hope this helps those who are also on this Indie author journey.


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