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Sunday, 15 March 2015

Creativity and Completion

Creativity and Completion.

With the solar eclipse about to hit on the 20th of March, just prior to the spring equinox, the heavens are apparently creating a time of resolution and completion for us. As spring comes into bloom, a whole new start and attitude is predicted. Exciting eh? To be honest, I usually find all this celestial stuff a little generic; however, the last few months I have been finalising books and releasing them. The last time this happened I was in Madagascar (when I was a professional photographer) photographing an eclipse and that evening the whole Labyrinthine book turned up in a dream. So there must be something in it.
In truth, in the depth of me, that  inner part that carries the desire for the new is experiencing a whole new energy for creativity. Admittedly the creative urge and the eclipse could be a coincidence, but something in me says it isn’t. Have you ever had a desperate drive to be creative? You know -that feeling when a fresh and inspirational idea hits your system and you feel as though you can simply bounce around? When you go to bed at night an idea after idea explodes in the front of your mind and you have to keep turning on the light and writing the idea down. You then lay back and three more ideas dance around your brain like obese elephants in stilettos! I know… That is what is happening to me at the moment. I can feel the creativity building and the tingling in my system, yet choosing which way to go with new work is tormenting me. I have a back-log of twenty books in editing, yet I feel like it is time for a new writing adventure, one which pushes my boundaries, yet which one? There are too many ideas and not enough hands… So with these creative waves, one has to ride them – paddle, make the leap and create. If you are in the same situation don’t hold back the creativity. Let it flow because creativity is life force flowing through you. It charges every cell and takes into your ‘God space!’ How lucky are we to be creative? Very blooming lucky!!!

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