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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Can the good guy get the girl?

Lately I have met some absolutely lovely men. Really caring, great fun, of average looks and really nice. So... Yep you guessed it - they are single. Why are they single? Really why are they single? In their opinion, they are just too nice. They get walked over and they are just not a challenge. Could this actually be true? Does a woman want a nice guy or is she too busy attracting dicks or chasing knob-tastic nit-wits?

For a few days I thought about this conundrum. It then occurred to me - were the nice guys demonstrating their masculinity? Could a guy be nice and manly? The answer is yes - I had to take a walk around my office complex to determine that there were plenty. So that then lead me to the question: has something gone wrong in society where arsehole equals a real man? Does the more a man dip his dickie doughnut make him more masculine and desirable? Unfortunately there is something in that - the more a man plays women, the more women seem to want him. It is alpha-malism and the desire for a woman to try and tame him. To be honest I just don't get it. I find men who are 'easy' uninteresting. Funnily enough all men have dicks - not a surprise - so I am stimulated by the beauty of the brain and the personality - not what just lurks in their hot dog hammocks.

Back on track from the sausage deviation - in all the films - the good guy gets the girl. So what about the reality? What does a good guy have to do to get the right girl? I know I am an idealist - I wish there were great rewards for lovely men who remain gentleman and treat others with respect... My God is it too much to ask?

Again, I took this concept away and thought about it. I thought of all the great men I work with who won women over. I thought of all those in beautiful and loving relationships I knew and you know what? Every female I know who has a wonderful relationship is with a good and nice guy. They may have dated complete imbeciles; however, something shifted and the girl recognised the beautiful qualities of the 'good guy'.

Soooooooooooooo.... I thought I would ask what it was that turned them to the nice guy. Here is the answer: there is only so much shit you can take from an arsehole. You can attract them over and over again. Then one day you think - what am I doing? It is then that the nice guy shines. He treats the woman well (please note for the nice guys reading this - it will take patience. If a woman has been out with endless wombats then it will be alien for her to be treated well at first). He buys her flowers and he completely loves her. She feels loved and cared for. The only thing that will drive her away is neediness. If you nice guys out there manage to give this lady a little space and keep your desperation directed at hobbies then you will win the woman over in the end. There is nothing more repulsive that desperation combined with body odour. Well there are a few things - but I can leave that to your imagination. Anyway with all this in mind - those good guys out there - keep going. Make friends with the woman first, get to know her and then slowly make your feelings known.

For all those women dating wombats and complete arseholes - stop. Give a good guy a try. It will change your world. Why keep chasing people who aren't going to treat you well?

Anyway - good luck to you all and feel good enough inside to be with the woman / man you deserve:)

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